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2:02 am
November 2, 1999
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Maintenance–How Do We Gain Respect?

Insights into critical issues of plant equipment maintenance and reliability management Judging from comments received via e-mail, expressed on maintenance-oriented web sites, and repeated in Bob Baldwin’s Uptime editorials in the July/August and September issues of MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY, there seems to be general agreement in at least one area within the maintenance and reliability community. […]


1:18 am
November 2, 1999
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Strategies for Leak Detection, Repair, and Prevention

Ultrasound equipment can identify compressed air leaks so they can be repaired before they result in unscheduled downtime, affect product quality, pollute the environment, or endanger people’s lives. Photograph courtesy UE Systems, Inc. Leaks cost industry millions of dollars each year. A few small 1/2-in. leaks in a facility using air at 100 psi with […]