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2:51 am
May 2, 2000
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Survivial of the Fittest

Robert C. Baldwin, CMRP, Editor So far this year we have had an opportunity to participate as speaker, conference attendee, and exhibitor at a number of maintenance and reliability events from the giant National Manufacturing Week (NMW) conference and exhibition to smaller specialized events such as the user group meeting of Design Maintenance System Inc. […]


2:09 am
May 2, 2000
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Maintenance Systems and the Internet

The Internet and the World Wide Web are subjects of enormous interest and excitement. But what do they really mean to the world of asset maintenance? There is no doubt that web enablement offers enormous potential for improvements in performance in almost all aspects of business. But how are real and sustainable benefits for maintenance […]


2:02 am
May 2, 2000
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Specifying Shaft Alignment

Every step must be well thought out, from planning to instruction to follow up. Shaft alignment is a technical skill that is not common in the construction and maintenance professions, but categorized more like a specialty. It requires unique and expensive measurement instruments, some calculation capability, and relies heavily on experience for successful results on […]


8:39 pm
May 1, 2000
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Justifying the Cost of an Online Reliability System

The decision to invest in online reliability monitoring has always been an expensive proposition. Getting approval to purchase these systems requires cost justification. Evaluating return on investment (ROI) is related to equipment criticality, failure mode, frequency of occurrence, and downtime penalty cost. Costs associated with online reliability monitoring systems, including materials, labor, and overhead, can […]