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8:42 pm
October 1, 2001
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Modifying Hydraulic Systems for Maintainability

Filtration pump and hydraulic reservoir modifications can reduce maintenance effort and increase reliability. Preventive maintenance of a hydraulic system is basic and simple and if followed properly can eliminate most hydraulic component failure.* However, many hydraulic systems are not designed to facilitate maintenance work. A properly designed hydraulic reservoir and the use of a filtration […]


7:15 pm
October 1, 2001
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Make Maintenance a Strategic function in Your Organization

Why is maintenance often viewed as being at the bottom of the totem pole in an organization, when in fact it is the most critical function as pertains to product output, quality, safety, and environmental integrity? Is it because many maintenance managers, supervisors, and technical staff fail to recognize the important role they play in […]


3:53 pm
October 1, 2001
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Possible, Probable, Preferred

Robert C. Baldwin, CMRP, Editor There are three futures—the possible future, the probable future, and the preferred future. That’s what Glen Hiemstra says. He is the futurist I quoted here last month. He dismisses the possible and probable views as interesting, and focuses on the preferred view as very important because your view of the […]