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2:30 am
December 2, 2006
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Utilizing Real-Time Information In Enterprise Asset Management Systems

Today, industries are looking for a change in the way maintenance is performed. In order to survive, organizations are searching for meaningful ways to offset the costs associated with performing maintenance activities while complying with evermore stringent regulatory compliance requirements at all levels of their operations. There are also other less tangible factors to consider. […]


2:28 am
December 2, 2006
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Uptime: What Gets Measured…

Bob Williamson, Contributing Editor Data, metric, measures, assessments, evaluations, scorecards, progress reports… Many of us have been faced with a whole host of measurement opportunities. Seems like some of the performance measurements are moving targets that we seldom hit. Some measurement processes come and go, much like fog. I recall hearing this maxim years ago: […]


2:26 am
December 2, 2006
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Viewpoint: Trust In The Workplace

In the Aflac commercial, Yogi says, “It’s what you need if you don’t got it…and it’s as good as cash.” The Speed of Trust is a new business book, by Stephen Covey’s son (also named Stephen Covey). Just as the elder Covey’s remarkable best-seller The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People changed our working landscape […]