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5:41 am
May 2, 2006
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It's Continuous Around Here: Improvement and Growth

Tom Madding, Group Publisher Last fall, I used this space to write about continuous improvement and how a publishing house is similar to a manufacturing plant. The ability to “turn on a dime” is what keeps a publication up and running–and clearly what separates it from the rest of the pack. That being said, Applied […]


5:34 am
May 2, 2006
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Reactive Training: The Cancer Within

It’s a rare plant indeed that hasn’t fallen victim to this “disease” at some time in the past This month’s training “doctor” discusses the symptoms, the cure and getting well quick! Over the years, training consultants have seen numerous organizations trying to move the culture of their operations and maintenance departments toward that ever-elusive goal […]


5:33 am
May 2, 2006
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Improving Power Quality In Arc Welding Applicaitons

Problems with the quality of power for electric arc welders should really spark your interest.They can reduce productivity, lower product quality, increase worker fatigue. How do those things impact your bottom-line? Electric arc welders, such as those found in heavy manufacturing facilities or used in normal plant repairs, are certainly not a friend to power […]


5:26 am
May 2, 2006
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Doing It The Right Way: NFPA 70E

Sad stories abound. Money can be wasted. Ensuring electrical safety in the workplace is not an option-it’s one of the most important things you’ll ever do. This noted expert offers several suggestions for effective compliance. Companies across the U.S. and Canada are pursuing compliance with NFPA 70E–the standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace. Sadly, […]


5:18 am
May 2, 2006
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Preventing Failures And Prolonging The Life Of Electrical Systems

Infrared scanning, cleaning, torquing and re-scanning form the backbone of an effective preventive maintenance program for these critical systems. Most electricians would agree that the essential nervous system of every facility is the electrical system. The electrical system consists of the main switch gear, branch circuit panels, transformers, motor control centers and any other critical […]


5:44 am
May 2, 2005
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The Open Enterprise

Alan T. Johnston, President, MIMOSA The desire to integrate the plant with the rest of the enterprise might, to some, still seem to be a far off dream.Yet, with the combination of evolving software technologies such as Service Oriented Architecture, and the increased deployment of open information standards, the reality of joining traditionally disparate groups […]