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July 1, 2009
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The Green Edge

Energy-Efficient Hydraulic Fluid

shell_tellus_eeShell Lubricants has added a new lubricant to its Shell Tellus hydraulic oil range that can help increase the energy efficiency of hydraulic systems. Based on customer-reported and Shell-managed evaluations, the Shell Tellus EE has been shown to help companies reduce the energy consumption of their hydraulic machinery by an average of 8%, while also providing equipment protection and the capability of extending oil maintenance intervals.

Shell Tellus EE is the company’s first synthetic hydraulic fluid that has been specifically designed to help improve the energy efficiency of the machinery in which it is used. The fluid contains a unique and patented additive technology, and has undergone extensive laboratory tests and field trials that have demonstrated its ability to help improve a machine’s energy efficiency. With hydraulics being at the core of many production processes, Shell Tellus EE has the potential to contribute to the goal of reducing an organization’s energy costs.

“Energy costs will continue to represent a significant part of an industrial organization’s operating overhead for the foreseeable future,” said Dennis Woodley, Shell Hydraulics Product Application Specialist. “As a result, investing in a hydraulic lubricant designed to both help improve the energy efficiency of the machinery in which it is used and reduce the maintenance costs makes good sense from a commercial perspective.”

Shell Lubricants
Houston, TX

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Single-Source Services For Mixers

philadelphia_logoIt’s a matter of sustainability. Although capital budgets aren’t what they used to be, plant operators are still expected to deliver peak performance and maximum output while lowering energy and operational costs. That’s where the Philadelphia Mixing Solutions “Service All Mixers (SAM)” program comes in. SAM lets operators do more with less by helping them leverage their investment in existing equipment, solve their most complex mixing challenges and increase the overall financial health of their plants. According to Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, its SAM offering is the only service that allows plant operators to work with a single company for scheduled mixer upkeep, planned upgrades or emergency repairs, regardless of who manufactured the mixer. Among other things, within the scope of the program, complete evaluations of mixer conditions, such as age, service history, oil analysis, etc., are conducted. Based on results, a detailed report of recommended actions to improve the performance and extend the life of the equipment is generated. Additionally, three-year warranties are provided for all repair work. True root-cause failure analyses—a veritable “CSI” for mixer performance—identify mechanical failures in the context of process conditions to help customers eliminate downtime and promote higher levels of performance
and repeat.

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions
Palmyra, PA

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Lower Operating Costs In Drying & Blow-Off Operations

spraying_systemsA new White Paper published by Spraying Systems Co. takes an in-depth look at how to reduce or eliminate compressed air use in drying and blow-off applications and achieve dramatic savings. Among other things, How to Reduce Compressed Air Consumption in Drying and Blow-Off Applications reviews various air nozzle options that use compressed air, provides application guidelines and estimates the savings each option offers over open pipe. The White Paper is available at no cost upon request from the company or at its Website

Spraying Systems Co.
Wheaton, IL

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GE Plans $100M R&D Facility

GE recently announced plans to build a $100 million research center in Michigan, about 25 miles from Detroit. The new Advanced Manufacturing and Software Technology Center will include a research and development component that will be part of GE’s Global Research network (which is headquartered in Niskayuna, NY). The state of Michigan is providing $60 million in incentives over 12 years for the project. The center is set to open later this year and is expected to employ more than 1100 people within the next few years. They’ll work there to help develop new manufacturing technologies for GE’s renewable energy, aircraft engine, gas turbine and other products. Work on smart grid technologies, software development, networking and program management are some of the other fields to be targeted. “Michigan is well positioned to be a leader in advanced manufacturing and development of green technologies,” said U.S. Senator Carl Levin. “This facility will take advantage of our state’s strengths and keep us on the forefront of these critical emerging industries.”

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EGSA Establishes Green Committee

The Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA) has announced the formation of its new Green Committee. Michael Pope of Süd-Chemie will serve as the inaugural committee chairperson. Initially, the Committee will gather, monitor, communicate and distribute Green business opportunity information to the EGSA membership. Additionally, it will teach best practices in conducting Green Conferences as well as instruct techniques to move to a Green strategy. Any EGSA members are welcome to join the Green Committee It will hold its first meeting at the association’s Fall Conference.

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July 1, 2009
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Solution Spotlight: Controlling Pesky Critters Humanely


(Left to right) Bird-X representative Jeremy Garrity and one of his company’s menacing, life-sized 3D-Coyote decoys, with Maintenance Technology’s Jane Alexander and Tom Madding, at a recent Grainger event in Schaumburg, IL.

Bird-X has been producing humane pest and bird deterrents for 45 years. Established in 1964, its first product was an ultrasonic repellent engineered to affect pest birds using audio signals undetectable to human ears. Since that time, the company has continued to develop unique and effective products and now offers a full arsenal of bird repelling devices and other pest and critter deterrents. In fact, according to company literature, today Bird-X offers the most comprehensive line of eco-friendly (i.e. “green”), environmentally safe, non-toxic and non-harmful pest and bird-control products available. They range from state-of-the-art laser technology to ultrasonic/sonic bird control, goose and pigeon repellents, bird spikes, bird netting, animal sound repellers and taste aversion gels and solutions.


Bird XPeller

Bird-X deterrents are the result of decades of scientific study and field testing. These products fall into four basic categories:

  • Physical Barriers: Bird Spikes, Sticky Gels, Bird Netting

    Gator Guard
  • Sound Repellers: Bird XPeller, Critter Blaster, Goose Buster
  • Ultrasonic Sound Deterrents: QuadBlaster QB 4, Ultrason X
  • Taste Aversions: Bird Repellent Sprays, Bird Repellent Solutions
  • birdx_terror-eyes

    Terror Eyes

    Visual Deterrents: Bird BLazer, Terror Eyes, 3D Coyote

Bird-X notes that while each of its products is an effective deterrent on its own, using them in combination (i.e. a sound device plus a visual device plus a physical roost inhibitor) can yield significantly greater results than any one product alone. This is especially true in situations where pest birds are particularly stubborn, where they have nested in one place for extended periods, or where an area provides food, warmth or shelter. In spite of your best efforts, does this sound like your plant or facility? If so, a combination of Bird-X products will work synergistically to create an aurally, visually and physically undesirable environment for bird and animal pests. MT

Bird-X, Inc.
Chicago, IL

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July 1, 2009
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Solution Spotlight: Re-Introduced: A Winning Motor Repair Process

dreisilker_motor-safeCheck out this energy-saving alternative to burnout methods.

Dreisilker Electric Motors is re-introducing its trademark Motor-Safe Repair System for rewinding electric motors as an alternative to other destructive methods using burnout ovens. The company points out that this process results in finished motors that are more efficient, reliable and longer-lived than those subjected to burnout-oven rewinding methods.

How it works
Using the Motor-Safe process, a technician carefully removes the original windings using a controlled “warming” method and hydraulic device. This technique pulls the softened windings from the stator without damaging the stator and thus avoids the extreme, uneven temperatures of burnout ovens that distort the core and laminations. In addition to maintaining the structural integrity of the motor frame and components, the Motor-Safe process allows for a faster turnaround—typically a 1- to 2-hour process, compared to 8 to 10 hours using burnout ovens and other destructive stripping methods.

The vast majority of motor repair shops use burnout ovens to remove original windings by baking the motor to exceed 680 F. Those types of high, uneven temperatures compromise the integrity of the motor core with frame damage and iron distortion. High heat also damages the insulation of motor laminations, causing circulating currents, hot spots and uneven amperage draw. A motor coming out of such a process runs hotter, is less efficient and has a shortened half-life.

A nationwide reach
Dreisilker Electric Motors, Inc. is a leading provider of commercial and industrial motors, drives, controls and repair and field service expertise to a wide range of industries, including: machine tools, utilities, municipalities, water reclamation, heating-ventilation-air-conditioning (HVAC) and material processors. Founded in 1955, the company specializes in non-burnout motor rewind, field service and motor repair, engineered solutions and reliability-based solutions for rotating machine assets. Its corporate headquarters, located in Glen Ellyn, IL, is supported by an auxiliary sales and repair facility in McHenry, IL, as well as five other branch locations in the greater Chicago area and an additional location near Atlanta, GA.

Dreisilker Electric Motors, Inc.
Glen Ellyn, IL

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July 1, 2009
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Capacity Assurance Marketplace

Vacuums For Lifting Heavy & Lightweight Objects

EXAIR’s new Adjustable E-Vac® is a series of low-cost, compressed-air-powered vacuum generators in which vacuum and flow rates can be easily adjusted to suit the application requirements. Engineered for high efficiency, these products minimize compressed air use by allowing it to be tuned to the application. With a simple turn of the unit, the vacuum and flow levels can be changed to overcome porosity and increase or decrease the lifting power. The straight-through, single-stage aluminum construction requires no vacuum filter and simply passes contaminants from dirty environments through the unit so there is no clogging or loss of suction. According to EXAIR, these units are ideal for a wide variety of “pick and place,” box-opening, clamping, lifting, chucking and surface-mounting applications. Maintenance-free, they have no moving parts to wear out.

EXAIR Corporation
Cincinnati, OH

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ifh_group_0709Fluid Storage & Dispensing System For Corrosive Chemicals

A Special Product Package version of the IFH Fluid Storage and Dispensing System provides an easier, safer, cleaner and more cost-effective way to deal with corrosive chemicals and other abrasive fluids that require special handling. The standard PVC sight gauge on the front of the steel containers is replaced with a glass sight gauge equipped with ball check fittings at both ends. Underneath the containers are 3/4″ NPT fittings and flex steel hose for resistance to fluids that may damage the PVC hose on standard IFH systems. The Special Product Package can be supplied with new IFH fluid storage and dispensing systems or as a retrofit to existing systems.

IFH Group
Rock Falls, IL

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Water & Particulate Removal Process

Schroeder’s Triton Dehydration Station (TDS) is designed to eliminate 100% of free and up to 90% of dissolved water from small reservoirs, barrels and gear boxes. Using a patent pending transfer process, it efficiently removes water and particulate contamination quickly in all environments. A proprietary design reduces aeration of free and entrained gases of returned fluid. It is extremely portable via either a central lifting point or an optional cart to access tight areas.

Schroeder Industries
Leetsdale, PA

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extech_0709A New Wireless Multimeter/Datalogger

Extech’s new EX540 Wireless Multimeter/Datalogger features real-time wireless data transmission directly to a user’s PC up to 30′ away, and true RMS measurements for accurate AC Voltage and Current measurements. It’s built for heavy-duty use with a double-molded housing, waterproof (IP67) protection and a CAT IV-600V safety rating and 1000V input protection. It comes standard with a large, backlit, triple LCD display that includes two sub-displays for simultaneous indication of primary readings and related minimum and maximum values. The unit incorporates a diode open circuit voltage of 2.8V DC and auto power-off with disable feature.

Extech Instruments
Waltham, MA

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Self-Adjusting Locking Pliers

rapidvise_0709New Crescent RapidVise pliers from Cooper Tools automatically lock onto objects of different thicknesses at a preset pressure without any user adjustment. The strength of the jaws stands up to any standard locking pliers, and the angled tooth pattern provides a superior grip over traditional models. Plus, the nickel-plated finish protects against damaging rust and corrosion. The RapidVise product line currently includes a 10-inch “curved jaw with wire cutter” model and an 11-inch ‘C’ clamp in swivel pad and regular tip versions. By late 2009, the line will expand to include 5-inch and 7-inch curved jaw styles and 6-inch and 9-inch ‘C’ clamps with swivel pads or regular tips.

Cooper Tools
Apex, NC

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Current Diversion Ring Protects VFD-Controlled Motors

inproseal_0709VFD-controlled motors inherently produce destructive shaft currents that must be redirected around the bearings. Otherwise, unmitigated electrical currents initiated by the VFD and induced by the motor shaft destroy the bearings. Inpro/Seal’s Current Diversion Ring (CDRTM, patent pending) safely diverts these currents and saves the motor bearings. Available through all major motor manufacturers around the world, as well as EASA repair facilities, the new device can be furnished either as a “press-in,” a “Clip-on,” a “split” configuration or an “MGS” design, which prevents contamination from entering the motor bearing enclosure while diverting destructive shaft currents.

Inpro/Seal Company
Rock Island, IL

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Pneumatic Wrenches Deliver In Heavy Use

torcup_0709TorcUP’s Raptor pneumatic wrench with patented gear technology delivers continuous and repeatable torque and an accuracy of +/- 5%. Light and fast, it can accommodate torque needs from 120 ft./lbs. to 6000 ft./lbs. A sealed housing and ergonomic grip enhance safety and user comfort. The manufacturer points out that this product has been specifically designed for industrial torque applications. Unlike pneumatic wrenches with typical air motors, the Raptor has heavy use in mind and will continue to run when others can’t. It also comes with a 13-month warranty.

Easton, PA

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Metering Pumps For Cooling Tower Applications

neptune_chem_0709All variations of NeptuneTM Series 500 hydraulic metering pumps are designed to handle the demanding operating conditions present in all water cooling tower applications. The company notes that these pumps feature a Variable Oil By-passTM stroke adjustment, which results in better valve performance than variable-linkage designs. Their valve checks have extra time to seat, even in heavy liquids, since they are idle during the by-pass portion of the suction and discharge strokes. Series 500 also feature EZE-CLEANTM valves, whose cartridges can be removed for cleaning without disturbing the piping to the pump. Additionally, these units are available as electric-stroke-control, pneumatic-stroke-control, variable-speed-control or sodium-hypochlorite-gas-bleed models.

Neptune Chemical Pump Co., Inc.
A Member of Dover Corporation’s
Pump Solutions Group (PSG)
Lansdale, PA

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Adhesives For Installation, Maintenance & Repairs

sanford-varietypak-0709Sanford Distributing introduces new, smaller quantity packaging for its Double/Bubble® epoxy, urethane and silicone adhesives. In addition to the traditional 100-pack, these adhesives now are available in Variety-Pak cartons of 25 or 50. The color-coded, dual-pouch adhesive formulations include 8 epoxies, 3 urethanes and a silicone to handle virtually any installation, maintenance or repair requirement. Users can purchase cartons of a single Double/Bubble epoxy, urethane or silicone formulation, or they can specify a combination of adhesives to meet their needs. According to the manufacturer, the patented, single-use packaging concept solves the time-consuming and costly problems of having to preserve unused portions of adhesives in conventional containers, which typically hold more material than necessary for most applications.

Sanford Distributing
West End, NC

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July 1, 2009
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Viewpoint: The Value Of Services During Tough Times


Blake Moret, Vice President and General Manager Customer Support & Maintenance, Rockwell Automation

Navigating waves of bad economic news is never easy, and no one is certain when the storm will let up. However, companies that view tough times as an opportunity to improve will eventually come out on top. Even with aggressive cost-cutting, there are many ways to optimize the performance of remaining workers and assets. Consider the following:

Parts: In a “cash is king” environment, deferring expenditures is always an option. When it comes to maintaining production equipment, allowing on-site spare parts to dwindle may be an outcome. However, before taking actions that further jeopardize the productivity of remaining assets, consider a vendor-managed parts repair and replenishment program. Such programs start with a detailed analysis of existing assets, and prescribe a formula for distributing stock of critical spares among manufacturer, distributor and user. This may actually free up cash. Consolidation of repair vendors can reduce transactional costs and relieve purchasing departments already stretched by prior cuts.

For example, when Pepsi Bottling Group became overwhelmed by the many sensors in its inventory, we set up a services agreement that included parts management. Today, Pepsi pays a fixed monthly cost for spare parts that are owned and managed by us—yet stocked on-site at Pepsi facilities. This lets Pepsi reduce up-front expenses, have immediate access to spares, reduce carrying costs and economically update its control technology. Also, parts don’t go out of warranty before they’re used.

Labor: Maintenance staffs everywhere are worn thin. With fewer hands to do the work, those who remain are often cast into new roles. Structured needs assessments provide the basis for customized training to build the skills workers need now. Access to sources of a contingent technical workforce can help bridge gaps when training is not enough. Finally, remote technical support offers a low-cost way to leverage the accumulated knowledge of equipment manufacturers.

Remote Support: Remote support encompasses a range of services, from self-help access to knowledge databases, to live support via phone and chat, to continuous Web-enabled process monitoring from a command center. Users tailor their desired approach, based on factors like number of sites and hours of coverage and the required degree of familiarity with specific applications.

CENTRIA, a leading supplier of architectural wall and roofing systems, knows the value of remote services firsthand. It has a services package with round-the-clock access to a team of specialists who have intimate knowledge of the company’s processes and control system components. Engineers at our command center continuously assess production status using proprietary software applications that compare real-time and historical process data to a predetermined optimal range. If a parameter deviates outside the range, we notify production personnel at CENTRIA—often before they realize there is a problem—and begin troubleshooting. We then collaborate with plant maintenance to execute corrections and restore normal operations.

Consulting: Manufacturers finding themselves in unfamiliar waters may need outside help to better define new challenges. Consulting services can prescribe steps to optimize availability, safety, performance and compliance of assets. Resulting recommendations will likely include a mix of the services previously described.

For the remainder of the recession and as the economy recovers, manufacturers will place strong emphasis on the value of collaborative partnerships. Suppliers should be able to help define the typical ROI from a comprehensive support program. They should take time up front to identify those KPIs with a proven impact on financial performance, then create a winning strategy for increasing operational efficiency without depleting scarce resources. MT

The opinions expressed in this Viewpoint section are those of the author, and don’t necessarily reflect those of the staff and management of Maintenance Technology magazine.

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