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September 1, 2009
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Solution Spotlight: Need Pumps?

Greasing what may, at times, seem like an inefficient supply chain…

pumpbizAccording to PumpBiz®, its advanced, online pump purchasing and servicing solution helps you save time and effort. It lets you purchase pumps directly or provide your purchasing department with the exact information needed to buy the right units. If your organization has multiple locations, PumpBiz can help you centralize and consolidate your pump buying. Most importantly, it also provides online operating and maintenance instructions (OMI) for the products it sells,

The PumpBiz online configuration and specification engine replaces meetings, telephone calls and faxes among buyers and sellers with a simple streamlined process. What’s that mean to pump users/pump buyers? You have less follow-up to do.

PumpBiz notes that it represents only recognized and trusted manufacturers—and that most of its clients have already purchased from these manufacturers in the old, traditional marketplace. The company says that its close partnerships with recognized industry associations and industry experts add benefits to end users. The PumpBiz call center, sales department and its partners all support the Website.

A streamlined process

  1. PumpBiz offers you side-by-side comparisons and reviews of your pumping options. Once you select a pump, you can instantly place the order via the Web 24/7 or by calling 1-800-PumpBiz.
  2. Through the PumpBiz “MyStockRoomTM” capability, you can set up instant access to past purchasing and related information for your account or your group.
  3. Among other things, PumpBiz can supply copies of manuals that always seem to get lost and a database of symbols, clip art and pictures for creating diagrams, as well as links to other useful Websites.
  4. PumpBiz provides customers with convenient repair authorizations, repair parts and status of repairs. It also can help you locate local installers, something that is particularly important for companies with multiple locations.
  5. With its “PumpU” function, PumpBiz eliminates knowledge barriers by helping you to not only choose the right product, but how to use, install and repair pumps.
  6. PumpBiz provides suppliers and affiliates with a dynamic marketing channel to showcase their products and technology, services and events.

PumpBiz, Inc.
Northbrook, IL

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The PumpBiz Line PumpBiz sells pumps for chemical, wastewater, sump, water, coolants and all other industrial process fluids. The company distributes on an international basis and in all markets. Its line reflects all common pump types: centrifugal, diaphragm, vertical, magnetic drive, metering, drum, gear, multistage, self-priming, jet and ANSI.

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September 1, 2009
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Capacity Assurance Marketplace

Expanded Line Of Heavy-Duty Actuators

at-controls_0909A-T Controls notes that its expanded line of Triac THD heavy-duty scotch yoke actuators is engineered for the most demanding liquid and air handling applications, powering quarter-turn dampers and valves with up to 1,600,000 in. lbs. (180,800 nm) torque. Capable of operating ball, butterfly and plug valves, dampers or louvers (any device that requires quarter-turn movement for on-off or throttling service), they incorporate a symmetrical-design yoke that delivers maximum torque at both ends of the 90° cycle. This proven design stands up to hard service in industries such as oil and gas, power generation, chemical processing, water/wastewater, mining, primary metals and pollution control.

A-T Controls
Cincinnati, OH

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Improved NDT For AC & DC Rotating Equipment

electrom0909Electrom Instruments’ new iTIG Surge Tester-Winding Analyzer provides non-destructive tests for all insulating systems of rotating apparatus (AC and DC). According to the manufacturer, this portable, rugged and dependable device differentiates itself from other products by finding faults where other testers do not. This is because it more closely duplicates motor operating conditions. The iTIG is unique because it has two live surge channels pulsing at 60Hz. Live multi-phase testing at 60Hz creates a much smaller margin for error and eliminates weak insulation going undetected.

Electrom Instruments
Loveland, CO

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Pump Controller Can Save Your Time, Energy & Money

goulds-0909The new S-Drive Simplex Variable Speed Pump Controller from Goulds Pumps features simple wiring, startup and programming. Pre-packaged in an outdoor NEMA 3R enclosure, it’s cUL listed to meet Canadian CSA safety standards. The S-Drive has been designed for a number of submersible and above-ground centrifugal pump applications, including providing supplemental water pressure in buildings up to 10 floors, on a permanent basis or during periods of peak demand. This is a true variable frequency controller in that it adjusts motor speed to match the hydraulic needs of the system in order to maintain pressure (up to 70% energy savings over fixed speed pumps is common).

Goulds Pumps
A Brand of ITT Corporation
Seneca Falls, NY

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Multifunctional Meter Does Almost Everythingextech-0909

Extech’s new feature-rich, multifunctional 461880 is a combination vibration meter and laser tachometer that measures acceleration, velocity and displacement, as well as RPM and linear surface speed. A large LCD rotates the numerical readout 180˚ following the orientation of the meter. Among other things, the 461880’s vibration meter features a remote vibration sensor with a magnetic adapter on 39″ (1m) cable, a wide frequency range of 10 Hz to 1 kHz and RMS or Peak Value measurement modes. The instrument’s tachometer component features a laser for greater distance, non-contact measurements up to 4.9 ft. (1.5 m) and has the capability to store Last, Max. and Min. readings.

Extech Instruments
Waltham, MA

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For Data Acquisition Purchases

iotech-catalog-0909IOtech’s 2009 Data Acquisition Solutions Catalog, featuring, among other things, the company’s Out-of-the-Box data acquisition products, is now available for download from the IOtech Website. Included in it are the new 6000 Series of data acquisition modules with up to 24-bit resolution, high-speed sampling and built-in signal conditioning for measuring strain or voltage. Each module also includes Encore interactive measurement software. Encore is an all-new application that allows users to log data, analyze signals and produce test reports.

Cleveland, OH

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Class I Division 2 Accelerometers & More

wilcoxon-0909Wilcoxon Research has rolled out six new Class I Division 2 (Zone 2) accelerometers. All have a sensitivity of 100 mV/g, and a tight +5% sensitivity tolerance, commonly called general-purpose industrial accelerometers. The standard top exit model is the 786A-D2. The standard side exit model is the 787A-D2, which is also available with a metric M8 mounting stud, model 787A-M8-D2. The 780A-D2 is a compact sensor ideal for portable data collection. The integral cable model is the 786F-D2. The 786T-D2 is a dual output model that senses both vibration and temperature. In addition to these accelerometers, the company has introduced three compatible connector-cable assemblies, suitable for Class I Division 2 (Zone 2) environments. Each can be lock wired to prevent it from inadvertently backing off the sensor.

Wilcoxon Research
A Meggitt Group Company
Germantown, MD

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AODD Pumps Certified For Explosive Environments

Wilden has announced that its groundable AdvancedTM and OriginalTM X Series Metal and Plastic air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps comply with two ATEX 95 (European) directives for explosive atmospheres. Realizing that safety in potentially explosive areas can only be guaranteed by a close and effective working relationship among all parties, Wilden has taken responsibility for its pumps’ compliance with the necessary ATEX directives. The company’s metallic X Series pumps comply with ATEX 94/9/EC Group I, category M2 and Group II, category 2, zones G and D. Its plastic X Series pumps comply with ATEX 94/9/EC Group II, category 2, zone G. Wilden also offers ATEX Retrofit Kits for its metal and plastic pumps that utilize the Accu-FloTM, Turbo-FloTM, Pro-Flo® and Pro-Flo VTM air-distribution systems. These retrofit kits feature parts that are constructed of electrically and statically dissipative materials, with a wide variety of appropriate elastomer options. All of the parts feature a special ATEX marking that indicates the suitable ATEX categories where the pump can be installed.

Wilden Pump Company
A Member of Dover Corporation’s
Pump Solutions Group (PSG)
Grand Terrace, CA

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September 1, 2009
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Viewpoint: Sponsorship: Key To Successful Implementation

tracy-t-strawn-0909Many maintenance improvement efforts or “change initiatives” begin with good intentions. Senior leaders endorse the new program, “slap” the project leader on the back and say something along the lines of: “I’m here to support you. Let me know if you need anything.” Regrettably, that’s where leadership support often stops—leaving the well-intentioned change initiative to die an untimely death.

The question is then asked by senior leaders, “What happened to the maintenance improvement initiative?” Fingers begin pointing, the project leader ends up in the crosshairs, and the front line labels the initiative as just another “flavor of the month” by management. Sound familiar?

If change is not driven from above by senior management, it won’t gain enough momentum to be successful. People within an organization need to understand that change is required and be given reasons why they need to change. They need to have knowledge and accept that processes need to now work differently. They need to agree that there will be real benefit(s) as a result. Unless these important messages come from senior leaders—acting as “sponsors”—people may resist or only partially adapt to change. What, though, is meant by the term “sponsor?”

In uncertain economic climates, success is not optional; there can be no false starts or flavors of the month.A project sponsor is usually the person who sees the need for change and has the authority to make something happen. In a large-scale change initiative, there can be different layers of sponsorship in the organization. The “primary” or executive sponsor is usually the one who has the power and status to create and deliver the project and frame and communicate a consistent message to the organization. For critical business change initiatives, the message should come from the very top. The chief executive should be engaged as the prime source of sponsorship.

A compelling business case is typically sufficient to enroll the support of many senior leaders willing to act as sponsors. Nearly all leaders want to be perceived as being supportive of exciting new ideas for improving organizational performance—and they are under pressure to keep improving results. Unfortunately, many of them do not know how to act as a sponsor.

For an improvement initiative to be successful senior leaders must set examples from the highest levels within the organization. If they say one thing and then do another, people begin to doubt whether the organization is truly committed to the change initiative. Once a senior leader takes on the mantle of “sponsorship,” he/she must set the example by communicating a non-wavering message, modeling the new behaviors and reinforcing the message through reward and recognition of the workforce.

In uncertain economic climates, success is not optional—there can be no false starts or flavors of the month. Make no mistake about it: Successful change programs can only be achieved when senior leaders provide visible sponsorship through the life of the effort. Without committed, skilled sponsorship, strategic initiatives will under-perform. The time, the cost and the pain of changing will be greater than necessary, and expected benefits will not be fully delivered. MT

Marshall Institute is a Raleigh, NC-based management consulting company that has provided maintenance and reliability consulting and training services to industries of all types, worldwide for more than 25 years. Telephone: (919) 834-3722.

The opinions expressed in this Viewpoint section are those of the author, and don’t necessarily reflect those of the staff and management of Maintenance Technology magazine.

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