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3:23 pm
November 10, 2010
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Uptime: OEE And 'Balls To The Wall'

We’re all in a race­—a race to improve competitiveness. Our racecars and our plant’s equipment are sometimes running “balls to the wall” (so to speak), but we often lose sight of how well we’re doing with our maintenance and reliability programs. We can measure a lot of things, but does overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) truly […]


10:34 pm
November 9, 2010
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My Take: You Snooze, You Lose

This column goes to press on Election Day. By the time you read it, the voters will have spoken and scores will have been settled. Regardless of your leanings, you, like me, will probably be delighted the mid-term madness is finally over—and that maybe, just maybe, sanity and civility will return to the legislative process, […]


8:48 pm
November 9, 2010
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Boosting Your Bottom Line: Life-Cycle Cost — The Real Purchase Price

Life-cycle cost (LCC) analysis is a powerful method of evaluating the total costs over the lifetime of equipment or systems. A basic LCC analysis will reflect purchase, installation, operation, maintenance and disposal costs. Looking beyond the initial purchase price will help you understand where your organization spends its money.