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3:02 pm
October 18, 2010
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Capacity Assurance Marketplace

Measurement Tooling Alignment Seiffert Industrial’s FixturLaser XA Geometric Alignment System enhances measurement tooling for straightness, flatness and bore position with technologies such as touch-screen navigation, Bluetooth wireless communication and live position data while making alignment adjustments. According to the company, the system can provide better accuracy while reducing setup and measurement time by 60-80%. The […]


2:20 pm
October 18, 2010
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Big Money Talks: Today's Entitlement/Tomorrow's Privilege

The North American electricity system is one of the great engineering achievements of the past 100 years. This infrastructure represents more than $1 trillion in asset value, more than 200,000 miles of transmission lines operating at 230,000 volts and greater, 950,000 megawatts of generating capability and nearly 3500 utility organizations, serving more than 100 million […]