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8:06 pm
June 13, 2011
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My Take: It’s Not Necessarily Rocket Science

By Jane Alexander, Deputy Editor Or maybe I should say, “It’s not necessarily rocket science that’s going to put U.S. industry back in the global driver’s seat and on the road to a robust and sustainable tomorrow.” From everything I’m seeing and hearing, a lot of what we need boils down to plain old innovation—fueled […]


6:30 pm
June 13, 2011
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Reliable Gadgets: Online Vibration Data Collection

With increasing pressure to do more with less, unexpected pump failures are unaffordable. Condition monitoring is the key to maintaining healthy equipment and keeping costs under control. Systems like the VIBNODE® are ideal for identifying problems such as misalignment, cavitation, bearing faults, coupling issues, impeller problems, unbalance and mechanical looseness (loose bases or cracked foundations) […]