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8:26 pm
May 10, 2017
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Expanded Gear Motor Packages

Dodge Motorized Torque-Arm II (MTA II) has expanded to use severe duty Baldor-Reliance motors, as well as standard duty motors, providing users with heavy-duty solutions for tough applications. Assembled to order, the packages can minimize assembly time on site, allowing a facility to be up and running faster. Flexible designs are also available with stock IEC motor adapters to accommodate globally available motors. The MTA reducer features the patented Dodge twin-tapered bushing system that provides a sturdy, concentric grip of the driven shaft on both sides of the reducer. This eliminates the wobble and fretting corrosion associated with straight bore and single-bushed reducers.

Baldor Electric Co.
Fort Smith, AR


8:25 pm
May 10, 2017
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Next-Generation Bearing Isolator

1705mtprod10pThe VB45-S bearing isolator provides permanent bearing protection to rotating equipment with protection against contamination ingress and lubrication loss. The device uses the XX interface and an enlarged contamination chamber to achieve an IP66 rating. An enlarged D-Groove captures oil and returns it to the bearing housing or a grease band to block grease from traveling down the shaft and escaping from the bearing housing. A compact design with an overall length of 0.625 in. allows installation often without the need for equipment modifications.

Rock Island, IL


8:21 pm
May 10, 2017
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Quick-Connection Kits

1705mtprod16pThe company’s EasyHeat brand low-profile quick-connection kits use quick-setting silicone and slip-on connectors to eliminate need for a heating fun and shrink tubing. The silicone adhesive can be cold applied and does not require heating to cure. The SRME end-seal kit is for terminating the ends of cables. The SRMP power-end kit is for joining cables inside a power connection box. Both can be used for indoor or outdoor applications.

St. Louis


8:19 pm
May 10, 2017
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Bearing Pedestals

1705mtprod11pSAFQ inch-series Cooper Quick-Change angled bearing pedestals consist of two split halves for reported easy assembly around a fixed shaft. The angled bottom is said to slide under low-clearance shafts without a jack or hoist. The pedestals are available for shafts with diameters from 2 3/16 to 5 5/16 in. All integrate standard Cooper 01, 01E, 02, or 02E split-to-the-shaft bearings and are interchangeable with the company’s other split roller bearing pedestals.

Lansdale, PA


8:16 pm
May 10, 2017
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Corrosion-Resistant Chain

1705mtprod15pNeptune corrosion-resistant roller chains are said to deliver exceptional performance in applications exposed to water, saltwater, chemicals, and high-humidity conditions. Compliant with RoHS requirements, the chains are not manufactured with hazardous elements. The G8 series is available in a variety of options including single- and multi-strand drive, single and double pitch, attachments, and British Standard.

U.S. Tsubaki
Wheeling, IL


7:56 pm
May 10, 2017
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Safe Corrosion Inhibitor

VpCI-649 BD is a concentrated liquid formulation that protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals from corrosive solutions in a non-toxic form. The product is said to provide long-term protection in fresh water, steam, and glycol closed-loop systems and includes preservatives against biogrowth. Environmentally safe, the product does not contain nitrites, phosphates, chromates, or heavy metals.

Cortec Corp.
St. Paul, MN


2:59 pm
March 8, 2017
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RDI Technologies’ Iris M Lets You See Subtle, Yet Harmful, Machine Motion

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 9.05.22 AMRDI Technologies (Knoxville, TN), says “seeing is believing” when it comes to the company’s Iris M powered by Motion Amplification video-processing product and software package. The patented technology measures subtle machinery motion (including deflection, displacement, movement, and vibration) and amplifies that motion to a level that’s visible to the naked eye (see example application video). Every pixel becomes a sensor, creating millions of data points in an instant.

According to RDI, the user simply has to point the camera at an asset, obtain the video data, and push a button to amplify the true motion of the entire field of view. By drawing a box anywhere in the image, he/she can then measure the motion with a time waveform and frequency spectrum.

Editor’s Note: A recently released Stabilization Update software module for the Iris M powered by Motion Amplification package allows users to  stabilize video that contains motion from camera shake due to environments where ground vibration is unavoidable (see video). In addition to automatically stabilizing based on the entire image, this update features an option to draw a Region of Interest (ROI) in the image that the user knows to be stationary. This helps in complicated motion environments.

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9:00 am
February 16, 2017
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Advanced Controller

Anwender nutzen jetzt in Hochsprachen wie C/CC+ geschriebene Programme mit Simatic Controllern. Dazu hat Siemens den neuen Advanced Controller CPU 1518 ODK und das Engineering-Paket Simatic ODK 1500S entwickelt. Mit dem Open Development Kit erzeugt der Anwender sein Hochsprachen-Programm und integriert es in das Step-7-Programm des neuen Controllers. Nowadays, users are using programs written in high-level languages, such as C/CC+, with Simatic controllers. Siemens has developed the new CPU 1518 ODK advanced controller and the Simatic ODK 1500S engineering package for this purpose. The user generates his high-level language program with the Open Development Kit, and integrates it into the Step 7 program of the new controller.


The Simatic S7-1518-4 PN/DP OKD controller is said to handles the most advanced standard and fail-safe automation applications. The controller has a 13-MB user work memory and 43-GB load memory with memory card. As many as 128 drives axes with isochronous operation in the 250-microsecond operation range can be connected without additional modules.