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12:44 am
April 30, 2016
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ITT i-ALERT2 Condition-Monitor App Now Available for All Mobile Devices, Including IOS, Android, and Tablets

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 5.44.02 PMITT’s PRO Services (Seneca Falls, NY) has announced that its i-ALERT2 Bluetooth Equipment Health Monitor is now optimized for iPad and Android devices. Originally released for iOS iPhone, the app will now make use of the larger iPad screen size for a better tablet experience and be available for free for Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, and S7, and LG Google Nexus 5x, 6, and 6p devices.

Smaller than a credit card, the i-ALERT2 condition monitor, tracks vibration, temperature, and run-time hours 24/7. According to the manufacturer, the device is the first of its type to combine the latest in Bluetooth low-energy and sensor technologies in a single industrial package.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 5.39.07 PMRated for use in environments with explosive gases, dust, and fibers, the i-ALERT2 features a wireless range of up to 100 ft. (30 m). Syncing to the mobile app, which, in turn, can scan multiple devices at once, it enables quick, safe, accurate inspection of equipment by allowing users to view real-time and historical data, diagnostic information, and machine records, even in hazardous environments.

For more information on ITT’s i-ALERT2, CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE for videos of the i-ALERT2’s mobile app capabilities.


9:05 pm
April 27, 2016
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Condition Monitoring Services Inc. Partners with SMEC to Deliver Complete Asset Management Package

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 3.45.59 PMCondition Monitoring Services Inc. (Nipomo, CA) has partnered with the Australia’s SMEC consulting group to provide predictive maintenance support for existing and future customers.

Headquartered in Melbourne, SMEC serves a global clientele from more than 75 offices across North and South America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. Its customer base reflects a broad range of industry sectors, including: Transport; Hydropower and Energy; Water and Environment; Urban and Social Development; Resources; and Industrial and Manufacturing.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 3.46.24 PMServices offered by CMS include vibration data collection and analysis, infrared inspections, ultrasound surveys, oil sampling and analysis, in-place machine balancing and alignment, motor current analysis, continuous online monitoring systems (including installation), and several PdM training courses to support in-house monitoring programs.

Combining SMEC’s capabilities, which include a dedicated Asset Management function, with CMS’s service offerings, the two companies can deliver a complete package for improving operations performance and asset dependability at end user sites anywhere in the world




8:09 pm
April 27, 2016
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GE’s Rugged GuardEon Global Circuit Breaker Platform with PdM Capabilities Enters Industrial Digital Arena in a Big Way

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 3.01.43 PMGE’s Industrial Solutions business (Plainville, CT) launched its new GuardEon molded-case circuit breaker (MCCB) this week. According to the company, the smart, reliable, secure GuardEon global breaker platform is designed specifically to meet the tough, real-world challenges of the digital industrial era.

Notable Features and Capabilities

  • Flexible, global platform. GuardEon offers a single, global platform to serve customers across industries and geographies — no matter the application. To meet changing electrical needs, this breaker family consists of four frame sizes with common components, interchangeable accessories, and flexible options for field customization. GuardEon, along with GE’s EntelliGuard air circuit breakers, ArcWatch technology, and trip-unit toolkit software, reflects a key building block of a modern, integrated low-voltage distribution system.
  • Robust, user-friendly design. During the product’s two-year development, GE worked with more than 100 customers across 17 countries as part of an ongoing iterative design process. Many of GuardEon’s simple, yet smart enhancements are a direct result of that end-user feedback, including the product’s rotating faceplate, ergonomic rotary handle, and its streamlined design with fewer internal parts than GE’s previous MCCBs. Through the GE Store, the GuardEon development team was able to draw from the company’s experience in the oil and gas, mining, marine, data-center, and other industrial segments to make informed design decisions and improve user functionality.
  • Predictive maintenance (PdM) tools: GuardEon’s brain, the PremEon trip unit, is offered in a standard version, PremEon S, or advanced PremEon G version. Customers that specify PremEon G will be able to monitor the breaker’s mechanical and electrical health. GuardEon collects and analyzes performance data to help users diagnose problems before they occur and make better-informed decisions about maintenance. The product also allows for remote monitoring and testing from outside the arc flash zone.
  • Advanced safety protection: GuardEon is ArcWatch-enabled to help protect people and equipment. ArcWatch provides a system solution for simultaneous uptime and protection across connected equipment. This is particularly important for mission-critical industries where customers need a “no-compromises” approach to reliability and safety.

For more information, CLICK HERE.


7:01 pm
April 22, 2016
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LUDECA Expands Offerings and Reach through Partnerships with EASY-LASER and SDT Ultrasound Solutions

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 1.29.55 PMLUDECA has announced two new partnerships to improve and diversify its product offerings. The first is an exclusive arrangement with Sweden’s EASY-LASER, to promote and sell next-gen precise, user-friendly laser-alignment systems throughout industry.  The second partnership is with SDT Ultrasound Solutions, to bring proven solutions for for leak and fault detection and optimized bearing lubrication.

According to LUDECA, the two recently announced partnerships mean that the company’s customers can rely on a best-in-class approach to alignment, vibration, ultrasound, and condition monitoring systems built upon decades of industry-leading knowledge, experience and technology.

As the company moves forward with its new offerings, so will its Doral, FL-based Service Center. The facility now calibrates and services EASY-LASER and SDT Products, while continuing to perform NIST traceable calibrations and service for Pruftechnik alignment and vibration products.

In addition to the new EASY-LASER and SDT product lines, LUDECA still sells alignment and condition-monitoring systems by Pruftechnik. It also provides technical support and training for any systems that users purchase from the company, as well as for loaners, equipment rentals, and field-service operations.

As an SMRP- and MSAT-approved provider, all of LUDECA’s 3- and 4-day shaft-alignment and balancing training courses are mapped to the Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals’ Equipment Reliability Body of Knowledge and UPTIME ELEMENTS for continuing education credits.

To view a short video on LUDECA’s expanded product lineup and capabilities, CLICK HERE.



12:39 am
April 12, 2016
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Eaton Launches PredictPulse Power Monitoring Service in U.S.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 6.05.05 PMEaton (Dublin, Ireland and Raleigh, NC) has announced the U.S. launch of its PredictPulse service. This next-generation remote monitoring and management system collects and analyzes data from connected power infrastructure devices to help reduce the risk of downtime.

Based on extensive customer research and the company’s eNotify monitoring service expertise, the 24/7 PredictPulse remote monitoring service allows information technology (IT) and data center managers to view real-time power diagnostics from a secure online dashboard and mobile application. At the same time, Eaton remotely diagnoses and expedites on-site emergency repairs using a smart dispatch process.

According to the company, it’s keeping things simple by deploying PredictPulse as a cloud-based or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. The offering is easy to self-install using standard Eaton connectivity cards and can be customized to meet specific end user needs, including changing or deleting devices, adjusting coworker access, and setting escalation preferences. Operators receive monthly email reports that summarize the past 30 days of status, performance, alarms, upcoming maintenance, and personalized energy-savings summaries.

CLICK HERE To See How PredictPulse Works.

Users can view real-time device details, alarms, key performance metrics, service history, and contact information from their online dashboard to remain up-to-speed on the status of their power infrastructure and any trends that develop. The service’s mobile app also shows alarm status, saving valuable time during a critical event where they may be away from their dashboard.

No software is required at the customer site. To avoid security risks, the power devices transmit alarms and data to the cloud using email SMTP.

For more information, CLICK HERE.


3:00 am
April 7, 2016
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Fluke Announces First-Ever, Two-in-One Thermal-Multimeter Test Tool

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 9.14.23 PMAccording to Fluke (Everett, WA), its 279 FC TRMS Thermal Multimeter is the first test tool to integrate a full-featured true RMS (TRMS) digital multimeter (DMM) with a thermal camera in one device.

The 279 FC allows technicians to quickly and safely check for hot spots in fuses, wires, insulators, connectors, splices, and switches with the imager and then troubleshoot and analyze issues with the DMM.

Combining two powerful technologies in a single test tool, this CAT III 1000 V, CAT IV 600 V safety-rated device allows personnel to carry less equipment, yet still have what they need to find, repair, validate, and report problems.

Features and Capabilities

  • 15 electrical measurement functions, including AC/DC voltage, resistance, continuity, capacitance, diode test, min/max, and frequency.
  • Optional iFlex clamp that wraps around conductors and wires in tight, hard-to-reach spaces and expands measurement capabilities to include AC current up to 2500 A.
  • 3.5-in. (8.89-cm) full-color LCD screen for easy, clear viewing of images.
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery that lasts up to a full work day (10+ hours) under normal conditions.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 9.51.00 PMThe wireless 279 FC is part of Fluke Connect, the manufacturer’s system of wireless test tools that communicate through the Fluke Connect app or Fluke Connect Assets software. This cloud-based system gathers measurements to provide a comprehensive view of critical equipment status. Users, in turn, can record and share both thermal images and electrical measurements in real time with their smartphones or tablets and automatically upload them to the cloud. Reports can be created and shared from the job site through email, and colleagues can collaborate on them in ShareLive video calls, thus increasing productivity in the field.*

Both the 279 FC TRMS and 279 FC/iFlex TRMS will be ready to order through Fluke distributors on May 9. For more information, CLICK HERE.

*Within the user-provider’s wireless service area and subject to the user’s plan pricing and other terms. Fluke Connect is not available in all countries. Some Fluke Connect features require a subscription subject to payment terms and may not be available in all countries.



6:58 pm
April 4, 2016
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AutomationDirect Offers Free ‘Pneumatics: A Practical Guide’ eBook

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 1.12.33 PMAutomationDirect (Cumming, GA) notes that its latest eBook, Pneumatics: A Practical Guide, is designed as an easy-to-read resource for users who are new to the technology.

Explaining the basics of pneumatics, along with the “why” and “how” these components and systems are used, this free download also provides detailed information about what to look for when designing a pneumatic system.

Topics include: pneumatic-circuit symbols; air preparation; actuator and cylinder basics; tubing and fitting specifications; system-design considerations; and more.

Also included is a collection of pneumatic application stories ranging from manufacturing to DIY home applications, all of which, according to AutomationDirect, are filled with useful information and inspiration from the company’s customers.

To learn more and/or download your free copy of Pneumatics: A Practical Guide, CLICK HERE.

For more information on AutomationDirect’s complete product lineup, as well as other eBooks in its library, visit


5:41 pm
April 1, 2016
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ITT Launches Advantage Compact Stainless Actuator for Toughest BioPharm and Food & Beverage Applications

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 12.26.34 PMITT Corp.  has announced that its Lancaster, PA-based Engineered Valves business has launched the Pure-Flo Advantage Compact Stainless (ACS) actuator. According to the manufacturer, the device is designed to withstand the most rigorous conditions that the BioPharm and Food & Beverage industries can dish out.

Designed as a maintenance-free unit, this newest addition to the company’s Advantage Actuator product line is well suited for severe duty services, such as SIP and high-cycle applications. ITT notes that the electropolished exterior of the ACS makes it an appropriate choice for clean-room applications requiring both aesthetics and washdown compatibility.

Features and capabilities include:

  • Compact actuator footprint
  • 316 stainless steel bonnet and cylinder construction
  • High-cycle life stainless steel piston
  • High-temperature piston seal
  • Autoclave-capable materials
  • Optional sealed bonnet
  • Stainless steel compressor and tube nut
  • Patented quick-change compressor design allows conversion from Elastomer to PTFE diaphragms without tools and no loose parts

For more information on the ACS and ITT Engineered Valves, CLICK HERE.