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9:00 am
September 23, 2016
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UPS Line

The SC UPS line is a 700-VA to 3-kVA rack-mount line said to provide comprehensive backup power protection for high-performance systems including IT and IIoT equipment, telecommunications, servers, and industrial programmable logic controllers. Models use double-conversion, on-line topography to act as an electronic firewall. Advanced DSP and SMD technology provide internal protection, control, performance, and reliability.

Falcon Electric Inc.
Irwindale, CA


9:00 am
September 22, 2016
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Facility Traffic Alert

1609mtprod09pSafe-T-Signal intersection warning system alerts workers when traffic is approaching inside a facility. The ceiling-mounted system uses LED lights in shapes of red stop signs and amber yield signs and unidirectional microwave sensors to differentiate traffic. A high-intensity blue signal projects on the floor of the intersection. Certified or indoor use only, optimal mounting height is 10 to 16 ft., depending on the exact application. The system operates in temperatures from –40 to 140 F.



9:00 am
September 21, 2016
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Wedge-Link Belts

1609mtprod08pWedge-link belting uses a polyester/polyurethane link narrow-wedge design that allows belts to be made to any length on-site. Profiles include 3V, 5V, SPZ, SPA, and SPB. Assembly consists of reeling off the required lengths of belting and using the twist-lock design to complete the new belt.

Fenner Drives
Manheim, PA


9:00 am
September 20, 2016
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Flush-Tip Pressure Transmitter

1609mtprod07pModel 386 pressure transmitter has a flush-tip, zero-cavity design to eliminate the traditional measurement challenges of port clogging and remove installation torque effects on the output signal. The unit has a stainless-steel machined diaphragm and all-welded sealed housings. An isolated sensor reportedly eliminates the need for adjustments to the pressure transmitter after installation. Available in 13 standard ranges from 0 to 150 to 0 to 10k psig or psis, the unit can withstand as much as 1.5X proof pressure and 5X burst pressure. Additional ranges and models are available.

Viatran Corp.
Wheatfield, NY


9:00 am
September 19, 2016
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Programmable Transmitters, Switches

One Series line of explosion-proof, programmable transmitters and switches compresses the functionality of the preceding line into five models while adding operational, programming, and diagnostics capabilities. Models use configurable I Am Working self-diagnostics for proper instrument functioning. A programmable set point and dead band provide accurate and repeatable alarm and shutdown switching using the integral keypad. HART-enabled models provide full access and control of all transmitter and switching functions using any registered HART communicator. A programmable trip delay, which holds the trip decision for tenths of seconds to several minutes, provides operators time to gather more data before initiating a shutdown.

United Electric Controls
Watertown, MA


9:00 am
September 15, 2016
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Life-Cycle-Management Software

FactoryTalk AssetCentre v7.0 software automates discovery and tracks the status of devices, network switches, and software on workstation computers across a facility or production operation. The software scans a network to discover hardware, firmware, and software information for assets active in a facility. The devices are then tracked in an active-asset inventory. The asset-inventory agent can be scheduled to scan at regular intervals or run on demand. New discoveries are compiled for user confirmation before they are added to the active inventory. Ongoing tracking of updates provides a history of how a system has changed and potential hazards. Manual entry is still available for devices that are not identifiable during the scan or to fill in missing information or attributes for discovered devices. A mobile-friendly dashboard provides information access.

Rockwell Automation


9:00 am
September 15, 2016
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Hybrid Drives

PowerPoint PresentationU.S. Motors-brand Hybrid Drives are part of the Accu-Series line of 1- to 10-hp drives. The off-the-shelf, digital AC drives are said to require no programming or commissioning, install easily, and be up and running in 10 min. These drives are available as IP20, NEMA 1/IP20 & 50, and NEMA 4X/IP65. Custom applications are available.

Nidec Motor Corp. (NMC)
St. Louis


3:47 pm
September 14, 2016
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Schneider Electric Details Cloud-Based Process-Engineering Software Platform and Optimization Solution for Oil & Gas Sector

screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-8-24-48-pmSchneider Electric Software’s three-day Process Industries Excellence Conference is taking place in Pasadena, CA, this week. News coming out of the busy conference (which is the Lake Forest, CA-based company’s 2016 SimSci Users Group event) has included information on two major product releases.

The first announcement detailed the upcoming rollout of SimSci Online, a cloud software platform for the company’s process design, simulation, training, and optimization offerings. According to the company, with this release, SimSci Online becomes the first process design and engineering software to be delivered as a service.

The second announcement highlighted the availability of Unit Performance Suite for the Oil & Gas industry. The company says this software suite is the first in the industry to package closed-loop, real-time optimization with monitoring and workflow in a single solution for refineries.

About SimSci Online
Schneider Electric’s SimSci Online is aimed at end users that are deploying and managing multiple versions of software applications in high-demand environments, including process engineering departments and engineering firms, and the power-gen, oil and gas, chemicals, and mining, metals, and minerals (MMM) industries. For smaller operations in these sectors, annual simulation-software licensing fees can become cost prohibitive.

SimSci Online changes the game by providing access to the same high-quality simulation software as its on-premise version. All that’s required is an Internet connection. Customers are charged only for usage time. Benefits and capabilities include, among others:

  • Increased accessibility anywhere and anytime with an Internet connection.
  • Enhanced availability with no system maintenance requirements from the client side, and highly scalable to allow for additional users on demand.
  • Lower cost of ownership through elimination of IT-maintenance overhead, yet still ensuring that the latest version is always available to meet customers’ needs.

The company will initially roll out SimSci Online as a platform to support cloud-based delivery of the process design and engineering portfolio. SimSci DYNSIM, a comprehensive, dynamic process simulator that enables process yield improvement and a reduction of capital investment costs, will be the first application launched. General availability of SimSci DYNSIM Online is planned for the end of 2016, with other applications to follow in 2017.

About Unit Performance Suite
According to Schneider Electric, its Unit Performance Suite can help sites better understand current operating performance and then identify future improvement in terms of operational efficiency, all without adding specialists to their organizations.

Built on closed-loop optimization driven by SimSci ROMeo, the easily configurable Unit Performance Suite offers a number of benefits and capabilities. Among them:

  • Real-time optimization (RTO) that reduces operations costs and improves refinery margins by optimizing operating conditions based on industry-leading ROMeo software
  • Intuitive dashboards to simplify how key parameters of process operation are monitored across the enterprise and ROMeo operations to achieve greater economic benefits; greater visibility can accelerate future performance improvement
  • Automated and standardized process workflows that improve collaboration for pricing changes, maintain data quality, and optimize software performance, among other parameters, to maximize the unit optimization benefit.

To learn more about the Unit Performance Suite, CLICK HERE. 

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