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7:40 pm
August 8, 2017
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Field and Control-Panel Communication Platform

1708mtprod13pCommunication-interfacing options provided by SIRIUS ACT with PROFINET enable simplified combinations of push buttons and signaling devices, HMI touchscreens, and industrial PCs. Complex input stations can reportedly be set up without extensive wiring and engineering. Integration into the manufacturer’s TIA Portal leads to better harmonization with the hardware, thus speeding configuration. An option-handling feature enables flexible design and individual adaptation of systems, even during ongoing operation.
Digital Factory
Norcross, GA


7:39 pm
August 7, 2017
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24/7 Bearing Monitoring

4Cast is a smart alert system that records data and sounds continuously, issues alarms, and sends data and sound samples to DMS software for analysis and reporting. Data and sound samples can be reviewed and analyzed to determine the condition of a bearing just before, during, and after a change in alarm status. Permanently installed transducers continuously monitor bearing condition 24/7. All data is stored locally. Should a change in condition occur and a pre-established alarm level is entered, the system, using the user’s Ethernet will issue an alarm notification, and enter data and sound samples into a UE DMS data-management system until the alarm condition has been reversed.
UE Systems Inc.
Elmsford, NY


7:33 pm
August 5, 2017
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Shaft-Mount Gearboxes

1708mtprod07pIronHorse shaft-mount gearboxes (speed reducers) are made from high-grade steel, case hardened, and precision ground to AGMA standards. The shafts have reinforced double-lip seals to protect against contamination and prevent oil from escaping. Premium ball and tapered roller bearings provide smooth operation and lower noise. Extended gear centers ensure tooth contact and consistent operation. The gearboxes are available in 9:1, 15:1, and 25:1 gear ratios and frame sizes from 2 to 5.
Cumming, GA


7:30 pm
August 4, 2017
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Turbomachinery Couplings

WE7454 phaseOne.qxp:Layout 1Turboflex Plus couplings combine Turboflex and Ameridisc disc coupling technologies with Ameriflex diaphragm coupling to create a coupling for sensitive high-speed turbocompressors as well as low-speed load applications. The couplings are API-671/ISO10441 compliant for critical oil and gas, energy, and petrochemical applications. Three coupling types are available for marine applications, and reduced-moment high speed and critical high-speed compressors used in refining and petrochemical processing.
Ameridrives Couplings
Erie, PA


7:38 pm
August 3, 2017
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Explosion-Proof Flow Monitor

1708mtprod09pThe Blancett B3100 series flow monitor is a flexible, reportedly easy-to-use digital signall-processing platform for flow-metering applications. Data logging and remote data access and programming are available without opening the enclosure. The monitor processes a frequency output from a flow meter and interprets the signal to calculate flow rate and total flow simultaneously with 16-point linearization of the flow curve (with interpolation) for improved accuracy. The unit features simplified K-factor and engineering unit configuration for volumetric or mass readings. The unit is explosion-proof for harsh surroundings in accordance with ATEX, IECEx, FM, and CSA c-us.
Badger Meter


7:30 pm
August 3, 2017
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Adjustable Red-and-Green-Zone Dial Gauges

1708mtprod01pGauges with adjustable red-and-green-zone dial faces standardize the visual cues for compressed-air systems and offer maximum visibility of red-zone pressure or vacuum conditions. Red indicator bands on the high and low end of the green zone are said to be easily adjusted to delineate the upper and lower boundaries of safe operation for each pressure or vacuum system to which the gauge is applied. The visually impactful red band, covering the entire out-of-specification zone on the dial face, makes deviations from acceptable conditions easy to see. This type of simple-to-understand monitoring/warning system aids all personnel. Gauges feature dual displays: Psi/bar for pressure, bar/InHg for vacuum. Various pressure-range gauges are available with the maximum pressure at 150 psi/10 bar.
Festo Corp.
Hauppauge, NY


7:43 pm
June 28, 2017
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Next-Gen Thermal-Imaging Camera

1707mtprod16pThe FLIR ONE Pro thermal-imaging camera is powered by the company’s Lepton thermal microcamera core. With a distinctive ruggedized design that is drop tested to 1.8 m., the device is made to withstand work and outdoor environments. Combining FLIR’s MSX with its video-signal-processing technology, VividIR, the camera is said to deliver the highest thermal-image quality and clarity of all FLIR ONE generations. It also offers advanced app features, including multiple spot-temperature meters and selectable onscreen temperature-tracking regions.
FLIR Systems
Wilsonville, OR


7:41 pm
June 28, 2017
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Slim, Intuitive Ethernet Switch

1707mtprod15pThe SDS-3008 Smart Switch is a slim, intuitive Ethernet switch. The eight-port switch is configured using a dashboard that allows users to activate pre-configured automation protocols in one click and remotely manage the unit on HMI/SCADA systems. It supports core industrial protocols such as EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, and Modbus/TCP, and includes built-in network monitoring and control functionality.
Brea, CA