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3:34 pm
February 9, 2016
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Standalone UPS for System Backup

0216bedrockThe Bedrock UPS.500 UPS for industrial control-system applications provides onboard electronics said to enhance the performance advantages of the lithium-ion polymer battery technology, manage the company’s deep authentication cyber protection, and enable secure Ethernet communications. A sealed NEMA4x aluminum housing provides protection from cyber tampering and allows use in challenging installations. The device provides 24-VDC 12-Ah for any DCS, PLC, PAC, or SCADA RTU application. An onboard secure microcontroller controls the Li-Ion battery cell-by-cell. The unit’s embedded deep trust ICS cyber security works transparently and instantly upon startup to manage the authentication process, protecting hardware, firmware, software, and communication of the UPS.

Bedrock Automation
San Jose, CA


7:56 pm
May 15, 2014
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Eaton’s Bussmann Business Simplifies Control-Fuse Selection

051514bussmannEaton and its Bussmann business have launched the Fuses Made Simple – Control Circuits program to help enhance the control fuse selection process and safety in commercial and industrial environments. According to the manufacturer, the program is incorporates a six-color-code system that helps eliminate guesswork in the selection and specification process: Each control circuit fuse is assigned a different color label based on maximum voltage rating. To choose the proper fuse, users should follow three easy steps:

  • Select the type of fuse, either time-delay for inductive loads or fast-acting for resistive loads.
  • Next, select a voltage rating (color-coded based on the maximum voltage of the fuse ranging from 32 – 600Vac) that is equal to or greater than the system voltage.
  • Finally, verify that the interrupting rating of the selected fuse is equal to or greater than the available short-circuit current.

Each fuse in the program has a new label that clearly and consistently displays critical fuse information, part number, amp rating, voltage rating and agency listings, in an easy-to-read format. To learn more, visit

Eaton’s Bussmann Business
St. Louis, MO


6:00 am
April 23, 2013
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Green Gadget: Diesel Towable Generators Meet EPA Standards

0413gadgetBaldor Generators offers two new diesel towable units that meet Interim Tier 4 EPA emissions regulations. Powered by John Deere engines, the TS500T and TS190T are both fitted with a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and particulate filter (DPF) to minimize harmful exhaust gases.

The TS500T is rated for 500 kVA / 400 kW at 480/277 and 208/120 Volt, three phase and rated for 250 kVA / 250 kW at 240/120 Volt, single phase. Its integral diesel fuel tank holds 550 gallons. 

The TS190T is rated for 186 kVA / 148 kW at 480/277 and 208/120 Volt, three phase and rated 128 kVA / 128 kW at 240/120 Volt, single phase. It incorporates a 210 gal. diesel fuel tank.

All TS mobile gensets are designed with sound-attenuated and weather-resistant enclosures to keep noise in and weather out. A lighted operator-friendly control panel features a digital controller and a main circuit breaker. Receptacles, remote starting connections and voltage reconnections along with the control panel all come standard behind pad-lockable access doors. Both units are available in a trailer-mounted or skid configuration.

Baldor Electric Co.
A Member of the ABB Group
Fort Smith, AR

For more info, enter 05 at

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