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1:48 am
March 9, 2016
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Simalube IMPULSE Pressure Booster Overcomes Long-Lubrication-Line Challenges and More

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 7.30.22 PMsimatec Inc. (Charlotte, NC) refers to its recently launched simalube IMPULSE pressure booster (up to 145 psi) as “the perfect complement” to its 60-, 125-, and 250-ml simalube lubricators. An addition to the company’s portfolio of smart technologies, simalube IMPULSE is well suited for high-counterpressure applications and systems with long lubrication lines (up to 4 meters, or approximately 13 feet, in length.). The unit’s compact size allows installation in the smallest of spaces, in all positions, even underwater. As an IP68 protection class device, it’s dustproof, waterproof, and appropriate for use in a wide range of industries.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 6.48.16 PMHow It Works
According to the manufacturer, users simply affix the simalube IMPULSE to the selected lubrication point, screw on the required simalube lubricator and activate the unit for the desired dispensing time. The device starts operating as soon as a battery pack is inserted and the lubricator is attached. Continuous lubrication impulses of 0.5 ml supply the lubrication point with oil or grease up to NLGI 2 at a pressure of up to 10 bar. This action is gentle on the lubricant, as only the dosing volume is placed under pressure.

This simalube IMPULSE also continually signals its operating state. When the unit is properly installed, an LED indicator flashes green at regular intervals. Red flashes indicate overpressure, inactive, and empty conditions. Although dispensing intervals set by the lubricator may change, this intelligent pressure-boosting device will automatically adjust.

Maintainability and Service Life
During lubricator change-outs, the simalube IMPULSE stays firmly affixed to the lubrication point. The connection point remains sealed throughout the process, and no lubricant back-flow occurs. Equipped with a fresh battery pack after each lubricator change-out, the pressure-booster can be used multiple times (for 10 simalube 125 ml dispensing cycles or for up to three years).

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8:47 pm
June 19, 2014
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Des-Case Acquires ESCO Oil Sight Glass Portfolio

3-D BullsEye Des-CaseNashville, TN-based Des-Case Corp. has purchased the visual-oil-analysis line of  ESCO Products, Inc., the well-known Texas manufacturer of oil sight glasses and level-monitoring technologies and distributor of Copaltite and Dow Corning products. The acquired portfolio includes ESCO’s 3-D BullsEye Viewport, oil sight glasses, indicators and level monitors.

Headquartered in Houston, family owned and operated ESCO has been in business for nearly 50 years. Its visual-oil-analysis product line began over 30 years ago with the introduction of the Esco Oil Sight Glass (OSG). In the years since, that first OSG design has been modified and the line expanded to include horizontal, high-temperature, large-volume and level-monitor models. The contamination-detection capabilities of these products appear to be an ideal fit with Des-Case’s breathers, filters and other fluid-handling solutions and services that protect and clean lubricants.

According to Des-Case CEO Brian Gleason, broadening his company’s offerings with visual-detection products strengthens its position as a convenient and dependable partner for operations that want to improve their reliability and extend oil and equipment life. “Through our global distribution network and OEM partnerships,” he said, “Des-Case will expand an already-trusted product line in the marketplace to broader geographic and industry reaches.”

Commenting on the recent transaction, ESCO’s President David Haught noted that a sight glass combined with a Des-Case desiccant breather and proper filtration provides “the ultimate protection” for lubricated equipment. “Aligning with Des-Case,” he said, “offers a way to take the product line to more customers and industries than we ever could on our own. We saw it as a natural step in the products’ and our company’s growth.”

ESCO will remain a distributor of Des-Case products and oil sight glasses and will continue to sell Dow Corning products.


5:45 pm
May 21, 2014
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Des-Case Launches Extended Series Breathers for Large and Remote Assets

0514descaseAccording to Des-Case, its recently introduced Extended Series (EX) breathers combine the materials, design and high air flow of its Standard breathers and the check-valve technology of its hybrid breathers with a new honeycomb- oil-mist-reducing feature and more than double the desiccant (1.2 – 4.2 lbs.). Products in the EX lineup are designed to protect large assets, including wind turbines, gearboxes and storage tanks and remote applications. The company also offers vent adapters for these EX breathers, as well as for those in its Standard and VentGuard breather lines.

Des-Case Corp.
Goodlettsville, TN


4:51 pm
May 14, 2014
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Des-Case Introduces Extended Series Desiccant Breathers

051414descaseThe Extended Series from Des-Case are high airflow, long-lasting desiccant breathers with check-valve technology suited for tank farms and large applications. Umbrella check-valves are located underneath the unit for added protection from washdown environments, while an integrated standpipe provides vibration resistance and dissipates impact throughout the unit. Des-Case’s Honeycomb Technology Oil Mist Reducer is situated inside the standpipe, and is made from polypropylene for maximum chemical compatibility. This feature allows oil mist to coalesce and drain back into the reservoir, rather than compromising the desiccant. Other features include 1.2-4.2 lbs of Desiccant and higher airflow (24-27cfm). Click here for more information.

Des-Case Corp.
Goodlettsville, TN


7:39 pm
April 30, 2014
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Permanently Wet Coating Improves Manufacturing Processes

Imagine painting your bedroom and there was none of the dried up paint accumulating on the lid of the can. Or when you were finishing with one can, you could get all the paint out of the can.

Better yet, if you are a manufacturer of products such as paint and wanted to keep the filling machines from continual clogging during manufacturing.

Last week I had the opportunity to interview Carsten Boers, president of MIT spin off company LiquiGlide. The company is the result of research by now CEO Dave Smith at MIT into developing intellectual property around “superhydrophobic” systems or permanently wet surfaces. Some of the work was pointed at the problem with methane hydrates in certain oil and gas applications. They are looking at systems for getting toothpaste out of the tubes, eliminating some of the hazardous waste involved in tossing paint cans and now also in agrochemical areas.

The company does not sell a “product” per se, but it helps customers develop applications licensing its IP. This is one of those technologies that has much potential in many areas.

Last week’s press release announced the “world’s first” commercially viable super-slippery coating for paint and paint colorants. LiquiGlide’s permanently wet coating prevents paint products from sticking to cans and manufacturing equipment reducing waste and hazardous pollution and improving production efficiency.

Press release

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), paint is the most voluminous and expensive household hazardous material that local governments collect and manage. The EPA estimates that between 35 and 103 million gallons of post-consumer architectural paint is disposed of by U.S. households annually. Improper waste disposal is also a major problem, with one gallon of paint capable of polluting up to 250,000 gallons of water.

LiquiGlide’s paint coating allows for easy and complete evacuation. As a result, consumers get all the paint they pay for, reducing waste and significantly improving quality as paint will no longer dry on container lids and contaminate fresh paint. For paint manufacturers, LiquiGlide improves energy efficiency and reduces paint build-up on their equipment, cutting downtime and cleaning costs. LiquiGlide’s coating can also reduce the amount of paint that reaches landfills and incinerators from both consumers and manufacturers.

LiquiGlide’s coating for paint and paint colorants was tested with more than 30 unique paint formulations and colors. The primary coating research included testing water-based paints and colorants on coated high-density polyethylene (HDPE) surfaces.

Key facts about LiquiGlide for paint and paint colorants include:

  • Safety – LiquiGlide contains no VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
  • Zero Product Impact – LiquiGlide has no impact on paint performance.
  • Durability – LiquiGlide withstands rigorous paint shaking, stirring and transportation.
  • Longevity – LiquiGlide has a shelf life of more than 16 months.
  • Customizability – LiquiGlide is customizable for each individual application to meet the needs of different paintformulations and surface materials.
  • Scalability – LiquiGlide can be applied using a spray-on process with equipment costs of approximately $150,000 per production line.
  • Odorless – LiquiGlide is completely odorless.
  • Recyclability – LiquiGlide has no effect on the paint container recycling.

“We’ve been working with several of the major manufacturers in the paint industry and we expect to see LiquiGlide for paint and paint colorants used in production lines this year and in commercial products within the next 18 months,” said LiquiGlide CEO, Dave Smith.

The companies hosts videos of LiquiGlide for paint in action.


5:30 pm
February 14, 2014
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Royal Purple’s Synergy Gear Oil Provides Performance Under Extreme Pressure

Synergy extreme pressure (EP) gear oil from Royal Purple is engineered for service in high pressure pumping. It is designed to operate under the stresses that pumps experience when injecting drilling fluid into boreholes on drilling rigs. The lubricant provides protection under virtually all conditions found in pumping, including heavily loaded, slow speed operations and/or heavy shock load conditions. Synergy’s built-in solvency keeps gear boxes clean and extends oil drain intervals, decreasing the amount of oil needed as well as costs over the life of the pumping system. For more information, click here.

Royal Purple
Porter, TX


5:21 pm
January 14, 2014
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Lubricant Inspection Pod from Luneta

Condition Monitoring Pod (1)The Condition Monitoring Pod (CMP) from Luneta is a multi-parameter device for expanding daily lubricant inspections. The CMP is a visible inspection window providing a method of inspecting machine health without the need for laboratory analysis. It includes a built-in oil sampling port, an easy-to-remove magnetic plug, a corrosion/ varnish inspection probe, and quick lubricant access point for syringe sampling. Best applications include gearboxes, bearing oil sumps, hydraulic reservoirs, compressor oil reservoirs, turbine-generator main oil tanks and paper machine central reservoirs.

Luneta, LLC
Jenks, OK


2:43 pm
April 11, 2013
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Problem Solvers

0313mplaceexairAir Coolant For Machining Operations

EXAIR’s Cold Gun Aircoolant SystemTM produces a cold, quiet stream of air to reduce heat buildup on machining operations. According to the company, the product is an alternative to mist systems and helps reduce costs associated with the purchase, filtration and disposal of liquid coolants. Features include an improved hot-air exhaust muffler that reduces the operating noise level to 70 dBA.

Exair Corp.
Cincinnati, OH

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0304mplacemilwaukeeCordless Grease Gun

Milwaukee Tool’s M18™ Cordless 2-Speed Grease Gun delivers up to 10,000 psi operating pressure and includes a pre-set grease counter to dispense exact amounts of grease. Other features include an on-board LED light, a lock-on/off trigger and a plunger rod with markings to gauge remaining grease. The tool has a stand-up design and shoulder-strap capability, while a 48” flexible hose offers accessibility to hard-to-reach fittings.

Milwaukee Tool Corp.
Brookfield, WI

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0213mplacejlmCompact High-Viscosity Filter Cart

The OilMiser 15V456 High Viscosity Filter Cart features a  compact design and a high-efficiency TEFC motor. Its color-coded Filter Condition Indicator signals a needed filter change. Quick-disconnects comply with ISO-7241-1B Interchange Standards, and are supplied with dust caps on suction and discharge ports. The cart’s low flow rate of 1.9 gpm (7 L/m) minimizes filter media stress and maximizes contamination retention on the oil filter.

JLM Systems Ltd.
Richmond, BC, Canada

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0304mplacesdtUltrasound Data Collector 

SDT has added an acceleration feature to its SDT270 ultrasound data collector, allowing inspectors to measure, log, alarm and analyze vibration data. It also features survey-driven temperature, tachometer and static/dynamic measurements powered by an on-board synchronous database. Data can be further analyzed through the company’s Ultranalysis Suite software.

SDT Ultrasound Solutions
Cobourg, ON, Canada

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0313mplacenewpigSemi-Permanent Spill Containment Solution

New Pig’s crush-resistant Build-A-Berm® Barrier Kit lets facilities create semi-permanent spill containment barriers around machinery or storage areas. This pliable, open-cell barrier can be shaped to suit the application and springs back into shape after being walked on or rolled over with light, wheeled equipment. It features a high-visibility yellow color and 18-oz all-vinyl covering that resists oils, coolants and most chemicals. The kit includes straight sections, corners and sealant, and the barrier is easily removed with a flat-bladed shovel.

New Pig Corp.
Tipton, PA

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0313mplacesprayonLow-Temp Food Grade Lubricant 

LU™214 Food Grade Low Temperature Lubricant from Sprayon® Products is NSF® H1-rated and suited for extended service under low-temperature conditions (down to -78 F). Its blend of synthetic oils includes extreme-pressure corrosion inhibitors, anti-oxidant, anti-foam and anti-wear additives. Kosher-approved, this non-staining formulation with a high load capacity is suited for use on compressed air systems, gears, chains and more.

Cleveland, OH

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0304mplacefluitechLube-Additive Diagnostic Tool With Wi-Fi Connectivity

Fluitec’s RULER View™ diagnostic tool provides the type of critical insight into the health and remaining useful life of the antioxidant additives in lubricants that heretofore hasn’t been available through other condition monitoring and analysis technologies. An advancement of the company’s flagship condition monitoring product, the RULER, it features a microphone for real-time dictation of data relevant to the sample and an integrated camera to capture an image of the MPC patch (Membrane Patch Colorimetry, ASTM D7843) when testing for varnish potential. Technology-friendly Wi-Fi connectivity allows for seamless software upgrades and product support. The built-in report template and integrated software lets users quickly produce high-value, professional reports on the remaining useful life of their critical lubricating assets.

Fluitec International
Jersey City, NJ

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