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5:04 pm
July 5, 2016
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Expanded EnviroGear G Series Trounces Liquid-Transfer Pump Ills

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 10.29.06 AM
Grand Terrace, CA-based EnviroGear Pump (part of PSG, a Dover company) PSG Group, has announced the release of  G Series models G1-82, G1-133 and G1-222 (3-in, 4-in., and 6-in.) metal-sealed internal gear pumps.

Well suited, according to the manufacturer, for the most challenging and demanding transfer applications (thin and viscous fluids), the G Series lineup is available in cast iron, carbon steel, and stainless steel models. Delivering flow rates up to 500 gpm, they’re offered with both packing and mechanical seal options, and can be used for a wide range of application types, i.e. chemicals, adhesives, paints, coatings, food & beverage, and heat transfer, among others,

Features and Capabilities
G Series pumps provide positive, non-pulsating flow, and can operate equally in both directions. Features include enlarged bearing housings at the backside of the units that allow for convenient drive-end access to the shaft seal and single-point end-clearance adjustment.

EnviroGear notes that members of its G Series family are interchangeable with up to 95% of existing internal gear pumps on the market, with no modifications to piping, driver, coupling, or baseplate required. The pump casing can be easily rotated for multiple liquid porting positions, making for simple installation in existing applications.

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3:07 pm
January 13, 2015
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Mechanical and Hydraulic Showcase


0115f3-boschGlobal Hydraulics Service for Power Generation

Bosch Rexroth’s global hydraulics service portfolio includes spare parts, repairs and preventive maintenance, safety systems, hydraulic motors and pumps, steam and gas valve actuators and more for the power-generation and other industries. The service department is involved in the installation, start-up and fine-tuning of the complete control system. Rexroth technicians can teach basic troubleshooting and maintenance for intricate components, such as servo valves and variable displacement pumps and motors. In addition, service experts can create plant-specific checklists and update them continuously to provide an ongoing record of a plant’s condition so that system settings can be checked and optimized throughout the life span of the plant.

Bosch Rexroth Corp.
Bethlehem, PA

0115f3-smithPortable Valve Actuator for Water, Wastewater

Smith Flow Control’s EasiDrive portable valve actuator allows users to operate valves in water and wastewater installations without dedicated valve actuators. With the unit, one person can efficiently drive multiple valves with a single tool, reducing fatigue and risk of injury, and saving time and money. A unique feature prevents torque kickback, ensuring valve movement is always fully controlled and preventing operator injury and fatigue. A variable torque-output feature prevents excessive torque being applied, which ensures proper, safe valve operation. The unit can be powered by air, electricity or battery, and can be custom-designed to suit specific site requirements.

Smith Flow Control Ltd.
Erlanger, KY

0115f3-exairMini Swivel Fittings for Air Nozzles

EXAIR’s Mini Swivel Fittings make it easy to adjust the position of the company’s air nozzles. Made of Type 316 stainless steel, the mini swivels allow users to point nozzles exactly where needed. Available in three sizes, they provide even small nozzles a 50 degree total angle of adjustment to put them in the best position for maximum effectiveness. They deliver a precision, highly focused and forceful blowoff for applications in tight spaces or requiring a minimal amount of compressed air. The new mini swivels can be used with any 316SS or PEEK thermoplastic mini Super Air Nozzles. All have been engineered to maximize entrainment of room air while minimizing compressed air consumption.

Cincinnati, OH

0115f3-mecwashAutomatic, Customizable Parts Washer

The Maxi from MecWash Systems is a fully automatic, highly customizable, self-contained aqueous cleaning system that meets the highest aerospace, automotive and hydraulic industry cleanliness standards. The aqueous technology cleans without solvents or emissions. Designed for cleaning large, individual components or smaller components with high volumes, the Maxi’s cleaning chamber (24”W x 24”H x 32”L) can be extended to 40”L, providing more than 23,000 cubic inches of cleaning volume. The chamber can be configured with dozens of high-volume jet nozzles; full rotation of the workload at between 2-10 RPM exposes all surfaces to the wash and rinse solutions. The unit’s cleaning system features ultrasonic, immersion and spray wash-and-rinse cycles, hot air dry and vacuum dry for complex components.

MecWash Systems Ltd.
Chagrin Falls, OH

0115f3-yaskawaIntelligent Pump Drive

The iQpump Micro intelligent pump drive extends Yaskawa’s iQpump1000 drive technology, providing reliable, cost-effective microdrive control for variable-torque pump loads through 25 hp. The pump drive is designed for light commercial, industrial, agricultural and groundwater well systems, and offers many of the same software features and control along with the same programming style as iQpump1000, but in a more affordable package. The unit is available in NEMA 1 and NEMA-4X rated models. NEMA 3R Configured Packages are also available. Integrated pump-specific software allows for a wide range of pumping applications from constant pressure, flow, geothermal, multiple pump booster systems to wet well lift stations and others. As process variables change, iQpump automatically adjusts pump operating conditions to meet system demand, while maintaining pump performance and protection.

Yaskawa America, Inc.
Waukegan, IL

0115f3-crosbyHigh-Capacity Tubing Blocks

McKissick 70 & 80 Series tubing blocks offer higher capacities to meet the increased mast capacities of today’s well-servicing rigs. These 125- and 175-ton working-load-limit tubing blocks incorporate the same features and benefits as the company’s other tubing blocks, including being RFID-equipped for electronic inspection tracking. The blocks also incorporate a new lock-arm design with a self-retaining bolt.

The Crosby Group
Tulsa, OK

0115f3-magnaMaintenance-Free Motor Brakes for Cranes

The MagnaShear motor brake employs oil-shear technology, providing longer service life in demanding applications such as in the frequent start/stop cycles seen on cranes, hoists, winches and other overhead material handling equipment. Oil-shear technology transmits torque between lubricated surfaces, thereby eliminating wear on friction surfaces. A patented fluid recirculation system dissipates heat, eliminating heat build-up which is the most common problem in dry braking systems. Elimination of wear increases service life and virtually eliminates adjustment, which lengthens maintenance intervals. The motor brakes are ideal for applications where the motor is reversed each cycle.  The oil-shear technology provides a smooth, cushioned stop which reduces shock to the drive system, further extending service life of downstream components.

Force Control Industries
Fairfield, OH

0115f3-kirkKey Valve Interlocking Systems

KIRK Eagle series valve interlocking products provide process safety control in hydrogen-cooled generator purging operations. The company’s Eagle series trapped key valve interlocking systems ensure that users follow a pre-determined sequence of operation for startup and maintenance on generators in power stations, refineries, chemical plants and other industrial applications. By controlling a defined sequence of gas valve operation, proper purging procedures are enforced and hazards minimized. The Eagle series includes integral valve interlocks to fit every type and size of quarter and multi-turn valves, as well as bolt and electro-mechanical interlocks. All Eagle series product offerings are manufactured entirely of 316 stainless steel with keyways protected by a gasketed flip cover.

Kirk Key Interlock Co. LLC
North Canton, OH

Updated MRO Catalog

Motion Industries’ updated General Product Catalog contains full-color photos and descriptions of more than 44,000 products and an interactive, digital format that allows greater usability and ease-of-use for customers. Published as an e-reader, the new catalog is searchable by key word, and every product listing contains a direct link to the corresponding page on the company’s Website. Products are divided into 20 categories, such as Bearings, Material Handling, and Industrial Products. The catalog is downloadable in PDF format, either in its entirety or by individual product category.

Motion Industries, Inc.
Birmingham, AL


4:58 pm
August 17, 2014
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Emerson Kop-Flex Service Program Restores Used Couplings to API 671 Standard & Full Factory Warranty

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 11.50.36 AMEmerson’s Power Transmission Solutions, a business of Emerson Industrial Automation, has introduced a program for restoring used high-performance couplings to like-new condition, certified to API 671, with a full original factory warranty. Aimed at high-speed (>1,800 rpm) couplings used on turbomachinery, compressors, pumps and marine drivetrains, the Kop-Flex recertification program offers an attractive alternative to replacement of a coupling, at approximately 50-60% of the cost for a new unit. The company says that the service is also an effective way to add low-cost spares to a plant’s stores.

As Dan Phillips, Kop-Flex Global Manager, Metals Industry Service, describes it, the new offering isn’t a repair program, but more like factory service for a high-mileage car “except you get a new-car warranty and performance at the end.”

The recertification program applies to all Kop-Flex disc, diaphragm and gear couplings, and the company’s four global service centers provide processing of most couplings in four weeks or less.

The program includes comprehensive mechanical/metallurgical evaluation with MPI and dye-penetrant testing; updating to all current standards; glass bead blasting and hand polishing; replacement of wear parts such as disc packs, shims, and fasteners; precision dimensional and TIR measurement; rebalancing to original API 671 or 610 specs and return shipping in a custom crate. Glass bead blasting eliminates the need for machining/metal removal that might cause a need for shimming during reinstallation.

The company notes that this recertification program requires return of the entire coupling structure. Couplings not originally produced by Kop-Flex will be accepted on a case-by-case basis for limited services.



5:51 pm
July 15, 2014
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Online Asset-Management Tool for Drivetrain Couplings Offered as a Subscription Service

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 12.19.30 PM

Emerson Industrial’s Power Transmission Solutions group has introduced the first online tool for tracking location, life history and latest-revision drawings and installation instructions for all critical drivetrain couplings owned by its customers, whether the units are installed or in spares inventory.

Developed by Emerson’s Kop-Flex business unit, the Web-based tool, known as the Asset Management Program (AMP) for couplings (Coupling AMP), accurately identifies couplings, graphically displays their location in a specific drive, identifies parts/couplings at the site that are interchangeable, makes assembly drawings a click away and gives a detailed service history and action to be taken during service intervals. Moreover, the program makes the information available 24/7 on the Internet. Developed by a worldwide engineering team experienced in coupling design, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting, the Coupling AMP provides in-depth information on components critical to the operation of major systems such as compressors, turbines and pumps.

According to Parimal Deshpande, Senior Industry Specialist for Kop-Flex,  plant engineers plan shutdown maintenance with tight timeframes, yet they struggle to identify couplings by make, model, serial number, stock code, manufacturer’s part number and the like. Emergencies only add to this disorganization, he says.

“Engineers may take parts from new or old couplings and use them in repairs. This is not only bad practice because of balancing issues, but it makes it almost impossible to track where all these parts went, and what’s been stripped from old or new couplings, etc. In a couple of years, they have no idea what’s happening. It’s very difficult to track the service history of couplings. Customers told us there’s no commercially available software designed with a friendly, useful system to organize the needed information the way they’d like to access it.” Coupling AMP, Deshpande says, addresses that void.

This new online coupling asset-management tool is a subscription service maintained by Emerson. It begins with a survey of a customer’s site by a Kop-Flex representative where all relevant data is collected. Kop-Flex then populates the Coupling AMP for the customer and provides a user name and password. Edits and additions are handled via e-mail to Kop-Flex.

The new offering will be introduced and demonstrated at the Turbomachinery Show, September 22-25, in Emerson’s booth 1231. The demonstration site is available at, with the login and password of “turbouser.” Users can see two plants and two rotating equipment assemblies in each, with sample data.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 12.19.04 PM



4:23 pm
July 15, 2014
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Kaeser Expands Compressor Operations in Germany and U.S.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 11.03.09 AMKaeser Kompressoren SE, the international headquarters of Kaeser Compressors, Inc., has broken ground on 200,000-sq.-ft. expansion at its main location in Coburg, Germany. Incorporating a host of sustainable-design features, the new energy-efficient facilities will primarily manufacture rotary screw compressors. Construction is scheduled to be completed in June 2016.

This news follows the recent announcement by Kaeser Compressors regarding a 50,000-sq.-ft. expansion expansion of its operations in Fredericksburg, VA.


3:56 pm
July 15, 2014
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Dry-Running/Silent-Running Shaft Seals Reduce Costs and Eliminate Noise & Heat Issues

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 10.32.39 AMEagleBurgmann has launched a new generation of dry-running shaft seals for agitators. According to the company, in addition to the known benefits of this type of mechanical seal (there is no seal supply system, for example), the new SeccoMix1 is also silent running and has been prototype tested for use in ATEX category 1 (zone 0). The seals are suited for use in mixers, agitators, dryers and filter strainers.

The company says that products from the SeccoMix series have been used for over a decade. Featuring a sprung seal face and a stationary seat unit in a semi-cartridege type of construction, these seals can be easily installed. The manufacturer further notes that since dry-running singles seals require no supply system, their costs can be as little as 30% of those for an equivalent liquid-lubricated designs.

The company further notes that although dry-running seals could be considerably noisy in the past, depending on the type and operating conditions, and generally gave off substantial heat during operation, those issues have been eliminated by its new-generation SeccoMix1 series. The redesign means that these seals not only run silently, they incorporate a patented air-cooling system for the seal face that significantly reduces temperature rise. SeccoMix1 can now even be used in potentially explosive areas (ATEX), making temperature monitoring unnecessary for category 1 (zone 0).

Standard SeccoMix1 single seals are used for top-driven machines and in non-hazardous process media. For side entires of the type often found in dryers, there is the SeccoMixR version with rotating stationary seat. Because so little abrasion results with these units, EagleBurgmann says the SeccoMix1 is also appropriate for food and pharma applications.




2:07 pm
July 8, 2014
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Don Fetzer Named President of Baltimore Aircoil Company

2014_DonFetzerBaltimore Aircoil Company (BAC), a division of Amsted Industries, has announced the appointment of Don Fetzer to the position of President, effective July 1, 2014. Fetzer joined the company as Managing Director — BAC Europe, in 2011. Immediately prior to that, he had been serving as Vice President and Controller of Armstrong World Industries. Based in Baltimore, MD, BAC is a leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance evaporative cooling and heat-rejection equipment. Fetzer succeeds Mike Swiderski, who has been named President of Consolidated Metco, another Amsted Industries company, based in Portland, OR.


3:06 pm
June 28, 2014
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Increased Flexibility in Power Transmission with High-Protection Cable & Hose Carriers

New_Cover_USAU.S. Tsubaki Power Transmission, LLC, has introduced TKA Series Cable & Hose Carriers, the newest product family from TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP.

According to the manufacturer, TKA Series Cable Carriers are especially tight, which allows them to better protect cables from dirt, chips and circulating spray water and prevent the ingress of coolants and lubricants. With their enclosed stroke system and pin-hole joint, even large amounts of atomized oil and flying particles no longer pose a problem during cleaning of the work area. This level of protection for the installed cables into the connection area has been tested and confirmed in line with IP54 protection ratings. U.S. Tsubaki says the new cable carrier is the only one in the world to comply with this high-protection rating.

All TKA carriers are also available in extreme-heat-resistant versions that incorporate special material to protect cables against damage, e.g. from chips with temperatures up to 850 C. The optimized geometric shape of the chain links and a triple encapsulated stroke system of this new series allow for extensive unsupported lengths that remain resistant to torsion. These components can be used standing or hanging, and the dividers can be placed in variable arrangements, offering users greater flexibility in their applications.

The U.S. Tsubaki TKA series is offered in multiple size ranges that are available for immediate shipment.