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8:53 pm
April 29, 2015
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Schneider Electric Introduces Modicon M580 Ethernet Programmable Automation Controller

Schneider Electric introduced the Modicon M580 Ethernet programmable automation controller (ePAC) this week at the company’s 2015 Global Automation Conference in Dallas. The latest addition to the Modicon family of controllers, this high-availability solution for mid- to high-end applications has been designed for users who need traceability in their processes and programs. According to the company, the M580 is the first PAC built […]

3:28 pm
April 7, 2015
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Bipartisan Coalition Bill Would Designate ‘Manufacturing Universities’

A bipartisan coalition of U.S. senators introduced legislation last month to help schools strengthen their engineering programs and meet the growing demands of 21st century manufacturing. The bill would designate 25 universities as ‘Manufacturing Universities’ and provide incentives to better align educational offerings with the needs of modern manufacturers. The incentives would be used to […]

6:26 pm
April 1, 2015
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My Take: Priming The Pump — No Heroics Required

By Jane Alexander, Managing Editor Our publication is not alone in highlighting innovative solutions to industry’s skilled-worker crisis. In a March 10 New York Times article, Patricia Cohen discussed growing partnerships between companies and community colleges to sate the “insistent hunger” for welders (one of several “disappearing” critical skills) in the Gulf Coast energy industry. […]

6:20 pm
April 1, 2015
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For On The Floor: Strong Salaries and Benefits Cannot Stem Skills Shortage

By Rick Carter, Executive Editor In the three years since we last asked our Maintenance Technology Reader Panelists about their salaries and benefits, the economy and the manufacturing sector have both improved. For the most part, our Panelists have been carried upward by this rising tide: They’ve received raises and bonuses along the way, some […]

6:18 pm
April 1, 2015
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Lubrication Checkup: Managing Change

By Dr. Lube, aka Ken Bannister Symptom: We have a full lubrication program in place with two teams looking after different parts of the plant. All four specialists (two per team) have had the same training and use identical processes and procedures. However, over a six-month period, one side of the plant has seen reduced […]

6:14 pm
April 1, 2015
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Motor Decisions Matter: Move from Panic to Planning

By Walker Larsen, Program Manager, Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) No one wants to get that 2:00 a.m. call that production has stopped because a critical piece of equipment has a burned-out motor or that the air conditioning has failed in a crowded conference room. Plant and building managers can avoid situations like these and save money by adopting […]

6:11 pm
April 1, 2015
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Uptime: Defining ‘Assets’ for ISO 55001

By Bob Williamson, Contributing Editor The new Asset Management Standard (ISO 55001:2014) is promoting an interesting array of ideas, concerns and discussions among maintenance and reliability professionals. In conference sessions and workshops over the last year, two themes have arisen: What exactly is meant by the term “asset” in the context of the new standard? What is […]

6:09 pm
April 1, 2015
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A Contrarian View: Rediscovering And Forgetting Lessons Learned

By Heinz P. Bloch, P.E. The term “integrally geared compressor” describes equipment consisting of a large-diameter, direct-driven input gear (the “bull gear”) and one or more (to a maximum of six) driven, smaller-diameter pinions. Because each pinion end can be fitted with a bladed impeller, 12 stages of compression can be obtained. When a reader asked […]