3:13 pm
June 24, 2014
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Featured Columnists

parrmugCan You Change Direction?

By Gary Parr, Editorial Director

One of the things magazine editors get to do is participate in presentations by manufacturers about new products. In days gone by, the majority of them were “dog-and-pony” shows in which a small team of company representatives would travel from one publication office to another and another to showcase their wares.

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1014janemytakeOn The Floor: Let’s Talk Security — Everybody Else Is

By Jane Alexander, Managing Editor

The topic is a hot one. Reports of cyber threats and actual attacks across various business sectors fill the 24-hr. news cycle, day in and day out. The potential impact on industrial operations is well known—and frightening. But how deep into the issue are those in the maintenance and reliability (M&R) trenches? Do you and your teams play a role in combating such threats? For a reality check of sorts, we asked our Maintenance Technology reader panelists.

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bobmugnewUptime: Reliability’s ‘Chicken Or Egg’ Question

By Bob Williamson, Contributing Editor

Discussions about life-cycle asset management and curiosity about the ISO 55000 Asset Management Standard have been growing since its launch in January 2014. While we are anticipating how this standard will affect decision making regarding the life cycles of an organization’s assets, we already know top management plays a key role. But, top management is only the leadership component.

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Cklaus01Final Thought: RCM — Great Tool or Ravenous Monster?

By Dr. Klaus M. Blache, Univ. of Tennessee (UTK) Reliability & Maintainability Center

Reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) is a process designed to establish the safe minimum level of maintenance for each piece of machinery/equipment in a facility. It’s concerned with maintaining functionality of individual components in an entire system. Many companies are aspiring to do it. Others are doing it partially. A smaller number do it regularly. Some start and then stop. What’s going on?

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