3:13 pm
June 24, 2014
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Featured Columnists

1014janemytakeMy Take: Do You Want To Know The Truth?

By Jane Alexander, Managing Editor

checked in with an old friend the other day. Heinz Bloch will be the first to admit that he’s not everybody’s cup of tea. But he’s mine. I met him approximately 16 years ago and he’s been sharing words of wisdom with me ever since. Our latest communications involved issues raised in my December and January columns on the state of reliability efforts across industry—and lack of management support for them.

As Heinz recently explained to a correspondent who wondered what he’d been up to lately, he’s still around, but tends to get to his point a little faster than in the past (which he sometimes regrets).“Every once in a while,” he wrote, “I participate in a failure investigation and get more and more depressed.“ His recap of such a gig and getting to the point sparked this month’s “My Take.”

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bobmugnewUptime: A Top Management Standard — The Missing Link

By Bob Williamson, Contributing Editor

The term “top management” in the ISO55000:2014 Asset Management Standard is referenced throughout the documents. In fact, top management has the overall leadership responsibility to establish the Asset Management System, as specified in the ISO55001 requirements.

But, the leadership responsibility of the very top of the organization, in pursuit of best-in-class operations and maintenance, is not new by any means. How the business’ equipment, machinery, and facilities operate has a direct impact on the balance sheet. So, why is it so difficult for top management to play a key leadership role?

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On The Floor: Aligning Team Goals With Corporate Goals

By Jane Alexander, Managing Editor

Alignment, in the context of this magazine, typically refers to the actual aligning of equipment and components in plants and facilities. There is, however, another area of alignment that should be just as important to our readers and their organizations: the alignment of maintenance and reliability goals with corporate business goals.

As listed here, this month’s Reader Panel questions have generated quite a number of thoughtful answers.

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Cklaus01Final Thought: Certification — Which One?

By Dr. Klaus M. Blache, Univ. of Tennessee (UTK) Reliability & Maintainability Center

What certification should I earn?” That’s a question frequently asked by reliability and maintenance personnel. That’s understandable: They have plenty of choices.

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