3:13 pm
June 24, 2014
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Featured Columnists

bobmugnewUptime: Seven Steps To Culture Change

By Bob Williamson, Contributing Editor

Let’s speculate: You have an older facility, older equipment, some new technologies, a stable but aging workforce, and a compelling business case for improving machinery performance and reliability. Lower cost per unit produced, more throughput, or better on-time delivery are looming as the next business frontier. So, what’s next: more maintenance, newer equipment, more training?

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parrmugWhat is Your Culture?

By Gary L. Parr, Editorial Director

Culture is one of those words I often hear at maintenance and reliability conferences. It seems almost everyone is trying to improve their culture. Some, unfortunately, are just trying to find a culture. There is no doubt it’s an important aspect of maintenance and reliability and for companies as a whole. It’s so important that Bob Williamson uses his Uptime column this month to begin a two-part series that starts with seven steps designed to effect culture change.

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1014janemytakeFor On The Floor: How Real Are Reliability Program Challenges?

By Jane Alexander, Managing Editor

With the growing emphasis on reliability across the industrial landscape, some recent “word on the street” talk came as a big—and disturbing— surprise. If true, the reported difficulties some sites are having hiring reliability engineers to staff and grow their programs may just be more fallout from the technical-skills crisis. We asked our MT Reader Panelists several questions about the situation.

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