Screen-Shot-2015-11-16-at-8.47.00-AM Choose The Right Emergency Stop With today’s number of customizable available options, selecting the right emergency stop for process equipment can be a daunting task.
Do You Have Cyber Security? For most companies, when cyber security rears its ugly head, it’s usually in the form of a very expensive crisis.
Select & Safely Operate Backup Generators Whatever the origin and extent of an outage, backup generators offer a reliable power source and great peace of mind.  

FEATUREDWEBINARHEADAddress Equipment Failures
with Root-Cause Analysis


Applying defect-elimination tools such as root-cause analysis can remove the reactive work that prevents sites from performing essential proactive care tasks. In addition to discussing why root-cause analysis is important, how to do it right, and what it means to reliability, this webinar will provide a common-sense approach that can be implemented within the demands placed on those charged with maintaining/restoring equipment function. 


If you’re tired of putting out “fires,” participate in this webinar and so you can start preventing them. 


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Control Valve Condition Monitoring
Prevents Unplanned Shutdowns
The City of Ames (Iowa) municipal power plant implemented a valve monitoring service to gain better insight into the condition of its control valves. Through the monitoring service, the plant was able to focus maintenance efforts on only those valves that needed attention, thus eliminating unnecessary work. Improved valve performance has, in turn, prevented unplanned shutdowns and allowed plant personnel to focus on other maintenance issues.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.24.27 AMMy Take: Get Pumped
By Jane Alexander, Managing Editor

Uptime: Asset Reliability and Costs — Take a Life-Cycle Approach
By Bob Williamson, Contributing Editor

On The Floor: Maintenance-Scheduling Triggers — Part 1
By Jane Alexander, Managing Editor

Final Thought: Whatever Happened to TPM?
By Dr. Klaus M. Blache

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