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9:00 am
December 12, 2016
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Cloud-Based Analytics Service

PredictPulse Insight is a cloud-based analytics service for data-center infrastructure to help predict the failure of power components. The service adds predictive analytics to PredictPulse remote monitoring service, shifting power monitoring from a reactive to a proactive model. The service continuously assesses the likelihood of component failures in UPSs, helping IT professionals reduce the risk of downtime. Users receive real-time information using an online dashboard. A mobile app shows alarm status.
Raleigh, NC


9:49 pm
October 25, 2016
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Fluke Announces Immediate Availability of Wireless, Cloud-based, Equipment-Condition Monitoring System

screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-3-48-13-pmFluke Condition Monitoring, the latest addition to the manufacturer’s Fluke Connect reliability system, features rugged voltage, current, temperature, and power sensors that can be moved from asset to asset or left in place for continuous monitoring.

Introduction of this cloud-based solution means that the Fluke Connect reliability platform can now compile measurements from the sensors, a wide range the manufacturer’s wireless tools, and a history of work orders. The result is a truly comprehensive view of equipment health.

In announcing the immediate availability of Fluke Condition Monitoring, Everett, WA-based Fluke noted that the sensors give maintenance teams a practical, scalable system that delivers the continuous data and alarms they need to prevent downtime without costly equipment retrofits or specialized training. The offering overcomes legacy system silos and IT conflicts, works on any equipment type, and helps teams stay effective while monitoring issues in different locations.

(CLICK HERE for a video of the technology in action.)


How It Works
Fluke Condition Monitoring consists of various wireless sensors and a gateway that receives signals from the sensors from up to 30 ft. away and works seamlessly with trusted Fluke technologies, such as iFlex current probes, current clamps, temperature sensors, and three-phase power monitoring.

Users can set up the system and begin monitoring in a matter of minutes. The sensors will transmit up to one measurement per second to the cloud, and equipment data and alarm notifications can be viewed through the Fluke Connect platform on a smartphone or web browser.

Fluke Condition Monitoring is available for purchase now. For more information, CLICK HERE.