12:30 am
July 10, 2014
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Videos, Podcasts and Webinars

Lower Your Maintenance Costs Through A Condition-Based Management Approach

This webinar focuses on Schneider Electric’s Asset Condition Manager, a solution that helps companies move from a reactive maintenance environment to a proactive, collaborative, and best-practices-based approach to Asset Management. Are you looking for solutions that will help your organization achieve ‘world class’ levels of Asset productivity and reliability through the involvement of both operations and maintenance? We discuss how you can manage the complexity of devices and assets from different suppliers and move to a more proactive maintenance approach. Click here to view this webinar.

Juan P. Collados
Principal Application Consultant
Schneider Electric, Software, Enterprise Asset Management Solutions

Juan has over 20 years experience in the industrial software applications industry, working throughout the world. Since joining Schneider Electric in 1992, Juan has held several positions including Implementation Management Consulting, Technical Application Consulting, and Product Manager for real-time asset-performance applications. Juan has also successfully managed the deployment of plant- and enterprise-wide Avantis solutions in a variety of industries, including Food and Beverage, Water Waste Water, Pulp & Paper, Power & Utilities and Mining.

Ludeca at SMRP 2014

Frank Seidenthal, President of Ludeca, Inc., showcases several products including the VibXpert I and VibXpert II. For more information on Ludeca, click here.

Infraspection Institute at SMRP 2014

Jim Seffrin, the Director of the Infraspection Institute, gives an overview of his company’s training offerings in this video from SMRP 2014. For more information, click here.

Meggitt Sensing Systems at SMRP 2014

Peter Eitner, Applications Engineer at Meggitt Sensing Systems, previews some of the company’s accelerometers and other vibration monitoring products.  For more information, click here.

Gary On Manufacturing: Fluke Connect

Gary Mintchell interviews John Neeley, Product Manager for Fluke Connect at Fluke. The Fluke Connect system allows maintenance technicians to wirelessly transmit measurement data from their test tools to their smart phones for secure storage on the cloud and universal team access from the field. For more information, click here.

NAME Award 2013 Acceptance Video

Emergent BioSolutions, maker of the anthrax vaccine BioThrax ,made careful refinements to its already sophisticated maintenance operation and brought home the coveted win of the NAME Award. For more on the company’s efforts, click here.

Inpro/Seal’s Smart CDR at EASA 2014

Two of Inpro/Seal’s experts explain the advantages of the shaft-grounding solution at EASA 2014. For more info, click here.

LUBE-IT Innovative Lubrication Software

Are lubrication problems disrupting your operations and eating away at your profits? You’re in good company. Despite decades of maintenance advancements, improper lubrication continues to plague industries of all sizes and stripes.

What do these companies have in common? They’re using CMMS, EAM systems, or spreadsheets to manage their lubrication activities. Lube problems continue, along with their high costs, because these tools were never designed for this highly complex purpose.

What do companies who’ve solved lubrication issues have in common? LUBE-IT lubrication management software. LUBE-IT was designed from the ground up to manage every aspect of an effective lubrication program.

This short video shows what LUBE-IT software can offer that CMMS, EAM systems, or spreadsheet can’t, and how its capabilities can help put an end to your industrial lubrication problems.


Using Commercial Off-the-Shelf Mobile Devices in Industrial Automation: “Russian Roulette” or the “New Normal”?

Are there reasons to use off-the-shelf mobile devices in industrial automation? What are the advantages and disadvantages, and what do you need to think about before moving ahead? This white paper discusses environmental, safety, security, connectivity, and other factors to consider and includes specific advice for choosing device types suited to your industrial application.